Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tyler the T-bird.

Tyler finished up his summer theater camp on Friday. They did their production of Grease. Let me tell you these kids did so great. They only had 5 days to learn everything, I was really impressed. Here is Tyler harassing one of the girls.
Getting ready for his big part:) How do you like the jacket? They made those themselves. He didn't need a mic to be heard.
He was incredible and we are so proud of him. I think I got a little emotional because he was playing a part where he was " one of the guys" and Tyler doesn't get to do that here in the real world. It saddens me that he has no friends of his own. You never know what this year will bring...maybe, just maybe, he may find a true friend.

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Jill said...

I think your pictures turned out fine, that's pretty much what you can expect at night from far away. You captured the feel of the event and Tyler's part of it. I hope this next school year is good to him too.