Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We took a little walk.

We picked out our favorite hair accessory.

Our favorite shirt(she really loves it).

And went on a flower walk.

We both loved these. So bright.

Every time we came to a tree, she would matter how tall the tree was.

She let me know that these "cactuses" were pretty too.

No matter how thorny they are, i love bougainvilleas!

We took a little rest by some african daisies.

We found some beautiful blue delphiniums blooming in our yard.
What is so cool about that? They are my actual wedding flowers that we planted.
They come back every year....
They make me happy.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Promoting the value of kindness.

See the cute button to the right ? The one that says...I'm very nice? Ever clicked on it? It is a wonderful site, run by a super sweet Melissa. Trying to show everyone that a little niceness goes a long way. She has entered the Pepsi, Refresh Everything Challenge. Could you check it out? Go here and if you like her idea, please vote for her. I think her ideas are brilliant and needed. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I will never give up.

Getting good photos of the family.
One day, it will happen.
Not a horrible photo, but not the best.
Legs cut off, Natalie looking at the ground,
Michael's shirt untucked and best of all,
Tyler has a branch in his face.
Yay! I didn't cut off their legs,
there is no branch obstructing Tyler,
Natalie is semi-smiling at the camera..
but, then Michael decides to show off
the top of his head, as a truck drives by...
I love the tile on the wall and wanted
them to all stand in front of the flowers,
but they only wanted to line up. It didn't
turn out quite as I had planned.
Then, I got this shot of Tyler
and I smiled again.
Well...this one I settled with...
the girl's smiler was not working
and neither were her curls:)
My frown then turned upside down
with his half-smile
and her full-blown, happy face.
Making progress.....

Favorite photo of the day...
I love this little family. Good photos or not.
They make my life so wonderful.