Monday, June 04, 2007

Playing in the park.

Monday rolled around pretty quickly and I, of course, had nothing planned. So off to the park we went. The kids had a great time....well, everyone but Tyler. He was "bored".

Had to have his headphones block out evil parent discussion:)

Michael so sweetly ran to me, hugged me as hard as he could, and said "Thank you, thank you, Mommy....It is soooooo fun!" Such a cutie.
My little tree-climber! I LOVE it. I used to do that whenever I got a chance.

Trying to figure out how to get up that big ol' tree.
They both looked at the camera.....I couldn't believe it!
Two out of three looking at the camera ain't bad!

Could his smile get any bigger? He was squealing all the way down.
How do you slide down with your legs crossed. Leave it to Lindsey to figure it out!

We headed over to Gospel Supplies to pick up some new books. Note to self: 4 kids in a small store with displays everywhere is NOT a good idea. Luckily, nothing was broken:)


StacyD said...

What a good mom...June in Tucson is H O T! They look so happy. Even Tyler is looking exactly like a 7th grader should. Too bad we can't walk the block and meet you at the park anymore....

Jill said...

You're so good to take the kids out so much and to be doing all these fun things. I'm still working on that.