Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good mail along with some goopy fun.

It was a good day. A summer blogger cookbook in the mail from Elizabeth....can't wait to try all the great recipes and a beautiful card from Jill. It's a photo from her fun trip to Paris. Her picture made me feel like I was there. Thanks!

Decided to try some cornstarch "goo" to see what they would do. Michael and Natalie really got into it. Lindsey decided to be diva and not get "white".

Extreme close-up .....had to show those blue eyes off, along with those 2 shiny teeth....still the only teeth she has in her mouth.
Michael enjoying himself in what was left of the goop.
Am I the only one who thinks Lindsey looks humungo in this picture? It's almost as if some other girl was here. Weird.
This picture for two reasons.....she is standing up and holding her sippy cup and the little bit of a curl by her ear.....her hair is really starting to come in.
Michael and Natalie playing together......with NO FIGHTING!

So intense....if you look closely, her eyelashes are touching her cheeks. What I would give for those lashes.
Listening to her big sister. So sweet.
After all the goop was practically gone, we filled up the little pool with water....chaos ensued(in a good way)

Thursday was a smashing what am I gonna do next week? Eek.

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Jill said...

I'm glad you got the card I sent and that it made you feel like you were there. I still can't believe I got to go, but have loved making cards out of my photos.

These water pictures are cute, I especially love that 2nd to last one of Lindsay with the hose, so cool!