Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer vacation Day 20.

And I am doing suprisingly well. WE are all doing suprisingly well. Monday, Lindsey was off to Fine Arts Camp at her preschool. It was a 3 day camp??? Never heard of that before, but it was a fun time for her nevertheless! So, tomorrow we are back on track with finding something fun/different to do.

Other highlights of the past 3 days..................

**Cristina found out that they are expecting a little girl. Congratulations!
**Natalie decided to take 3 steps a couple of different times yesterday. Video is grainy....will try again today!
**Michael has been eating like crazy.....yes, you heard it here first, my 3 year old has eaten for 3 meals a day for the last 3 days! We are so excited we can't stand it.
**Lindsey held storytime in her room yesterday. I was a pirate, she was a fairy godmother, Tyler was the wolf, Michael was Thomas the train and Natalie was the princess. We all were in complete costume as chosen by the director a.k.a. Lindsey. It was fun to see the different stories the kids came up with. In all of them, Natalie(the princess) was to be rescued. I thought it was pretty cute that they included her.
**Tyler is bored....there is nothing to do....typical pre-teen angst.
**Natalie now says "ball, look, poopy, please, cheese, and Daddy(not da-da)".
**I spent all day Monday going to 3 different Michael's to find stands that had been discontinued. Luckily, I found enough.
**I am in love with the song "All the same" by Sick Puppies......Andthe video. Have you seen it? They stand in malls with signs giving away free hugs. It's powerful. Check it out when you get a chance.
**Oh, and I got my swap partner.....can't wait to get my favorite things together for her. Hope she likes em!

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