Friday, June 08, 2007

After reading about Kristi's super cool finds at the Dollar Tree. I headed there today. I was able to find a few hats, none with the fun prints she had, but a couple different colors. I also found 2 suits for Natalie.....can you believe that red one was $1? Man, what a deal....also got her a cute tee that she kept hugging all thru the store. Thanks for the fun idea, Kristi!

Then we headed to my grandmother's with lunch.
Natalie enjoyed the fun Sesame blanket she had on the floor for her.
Michael enjoyed running from room to room.....guess he is getting comfortable there.
This was my favorite photo of the day! He snuggled right into her and she snuggled him right back. Great-grandma's do give great hugs after all!

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