Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Scavo Christmas Miracle....brought to you by Shutterfly.

You know how every single year...I fret about my Christmas cards? I plan it all out in my head. I get all the props, all the fun clothes, everything. It is all going to be the perfect my head. The obsession goes so overboard that when it is actually time to take and mail the Christmas cards...I got nothing. And then, have to resort to photo cards from any retailer with a fast enough turn-around time and a Christmasy border to plunk the photo into. It's true. I've said it before...I have high expectations.

Then I thought of a genius plan....lower my expectations. Sure plan it all out with all the great accessories, but don't expect much. Expect little and if something great turns out, I'll be overjoyed.

And it worked!!!! I decided not to worry about it and wouldn't you know that I got a decent photo and found the most darling cards at Shutterfly????

Seriously!!!! They have so many wonderful options this year. I think the only problem I am going to have is deciding which one to use. They are all so festive and fun!

Also, keep in mind, they have bright and cheery calendars that would make great gifts for family members. I think I will try a few this year.

Another great feature they have that I did not know about was birthday invites!'s about time is all I have to say. I have 4 children. This will save a lot of time and they are so stinkin cute! The invites and my children:)

Go check it out at You won't be sorry. Also, are you a blogger? Blog about what you love about Shutterfly and they will give you 50 free Christmas cards. Go here to register.