Saturday, January 31, 2009

All a girl needs.

Hello Kitty rain boots, her pink princess scooter and sunshine.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happiness is.....

receiving homemade birthday tags from Michelle! {Photo stolen from Jill's blog}
Aren't they wonderful? Thank you for thinking of me! My birthday getting stretched out like this has been so much fun. Thank you. And I think you need to open an Etsy shop, really, you should. These are delightful!
Also check out her amazing recipe blog at To sum it up in one word.....YUMMY!

Monday, January 26, 2009

What happens when you send your kids outside without....

checking if it had rained the night before.....
The wuh-oh....we have been busted look.

"Oh no, Mommy, I am all muddy." Like I was responsible for it.
Thinking of her next chase me with dirty hands and try to touch me....

all the while laughing her head off.
This one, almost got too close, almost.
I can't show any other photos due to their graphic nature....too much mud and not enough clothing. Thankfully, we were in an enclosed yard.

Can you guess how many times I had to wash Natalie's hair? Lindsey's hair? First correct guess and I will send you a good mail treat(don't worry it won't be mud!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday, the 23rd.

We celebrated Michael's 5th birthday....Scavo style. With his favorite breakfast treat in the shape of a 5.And hugs from his big brother.

Sending his Daddy off to work with a smile.
And brushing his teeth like a big boy.....with one glove on???

After his fun celebration at school...they gave him a crown and everything....(Michael's words, not mine)

We had bisghetti and sauce, as evident on his face.
and some yummy funfetti cake

as evident on his face.
Next came gifts and boy, did he have fun.
Although this is blurry, it is my fave. They are all smiling and having a good time. Exactly what parties are all about!

We love you and hopefully, when I get my camera fixed there will be no more blurry photos.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Five for Friday.....Michael's Birthday Edition.

Today, he is 5.

{Opening a birthday card from his Grandma Dot..notice the concentration, aka,tongue wag}

Here are some of his favorites.


1. Macaroni & Cheese....rainbows and wheels.
2. Oranges.
3. Hangburger with ketchup.
4. Pancakes with syrup.
5. Cauliflower & macaroni.


1. Perfection.
2. Candyland(the new shape version)
3. Monopoly
4. Connect 4
5. Memory


1. Bet on it------------Troy from HSM2
2. Kaboom------------Ursula 1000
3. Lots of Little Pigs---The Laurie Berkner Band
4. I don't dance--------Chad & Ryan from HSM2
5. I'm a big kid---------Little Bill


1. Leapster
2. Remote control trucks
3. His marine life figurines.
4. Dinosaurs


1. The Gingerbread Man----------retold by Jim Aylesworth
2. Ten Little Fish-----------------Audrey Wood
3. Tales from the Track---------- Disney/Pixar Cars
4. Thomas and the Shooting Start-Britt Allcroft
5. My First Bible.

Outdoor games~

1. Swimming!!!!
2. Bike riding
3.'re it!
4. Dirt digging.
5. Hide-n-seek.

TV shows/movies~

1. Little Bill
2. Land Before Time
3. Wow, Wow, Wubbzy.
4. Cars
5. Hot Wheels!

And 5 words to best describe him~~~~

1. Purposeful
2. Soft-hearted
3. Comedian
4. Willful
5. Charming

You are all that and a whole lot more to us Michael. Gosh how do I describe how much you mean to me? I can't imagine what my life was before you came to us. I love you, buddy. Happy, happy birthday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scavo Highlights

1.My baby boy is going to be 5 tomorrow.....did you hear that? FIVE. Unbelievable.

2. The kids celebrated their 100th day at school.

3. I was so excited to see this poster up on the board, ready for circle time, in Michael's preschool classroom on Tuesday. No matter if you voted for him or not....he is our president and we should support and pray for him. His speech moved me and watching that sea of people waving their flags definitely brought tears to my eyes.

4. A surprise on my doorstep. Lori,my sweet blogging friend, sent me a wonderful tote for my birthday! It is so fun and had a sweet little heart sachet attached. The colors are so bright....I can't wait to fill it up with lots of books & magazines. You are so generous Lori, thank you!

5. My 14 year old had to shave. Yes, he HAD to. He had a beard going joke. This is the only photo he wanted me to put on the blog. Kids and their privacy, ha!

Another baby boy growing up WAY too fast.

6. Our mailman(the best we have ever had) informed us that he is retiring and his last day will be on Saturday. Boo. He is a great guy and the kids love him. What helped soften the blow was this adorable box I rec'd from Kim Sue. I know, do you believe she wrapped the mailing box in zebra print? I was squealing from the cuteness of it! Inside just made my heart happy. Red, black and white everywhere. A fun tote with black and white print, ditto on the napkins(which you all know I have an obsession with napkins), a cool black polka-dot notebook, a black photo frame, a black reusable grocery bag and a cool Hello stamp...that I have turned upside down was inside this fun birthday box. Thank you for thinking of me Kim Sue....I love all of it!

7. Last Sunday, we went to my Mom's to celebrate her birthday. I think she had a good day....the kids made sure of it.

8. Still struggling with my word for the year....hopefully, I will have it by February 1st.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red is her color.

When I saw this on Lori's blog, I had to get one for Lindsey. The girl looks lovely in red don't you think?

Friday, January 16, 2009

A sweet, sweet day.

She's Back!

Start your weekend right read.......

NieNie Dialogues.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

All those days in between....and some REALLY good mail.

I celebrated birthday number Went to the park and watched my littlest stomp "weaves"..

and catch our almost 5 year old doing "no hands" on the slide.

After our little New Year's Eve soiree with our kids, we nursed our hangovers of apple juice, nachos, and ice cream and headed over to Charles' sister's house for a New Years Day brunch.

It was a good time.

On January 3rd, our good friends, The Darwins came to town. Minus one important person(Ray), but still lots of fun.

Their first day in town, we went with her friends, The Hamiltons, to Sabino Canyon and rode the tram.

{Isn't she beautiful? Inside and out, inside and out , I tell you}

{Inside the visitor center, where my flash no longer worked}

Here are the girls reading their books from the gift shop....they became fast friends!

On Sunday, their last day here, we went to the park to meet with all of her Az friends(that could make it).

Michael & Sam were inseparable the whole day.
Same could be said for Miranda and Lindsey.

The kids didn't mind the rain, as long as they could play and eat pizza!

We were sad to see them go.

Lots more I could document, but I think I will just start fresh with my recent good mail delivery.

Well, really Lindsey's good mail delivery. 2 big bags of gently used clothes that fit her right now from our sweet friends, The Meyers. They are the best. And if that was not enough, Maddie goes and gives this to Lindsey.........
A Barbie dream house, the Barbie Jeep and hello.......

the Barbie Cruise Ship!!!!!! The girl was beside herself. All I heard in her room was "This is AWESOME!!!".
Thank you, thank you. It was very generous of you.