Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to...............

Get your 3 year old to take Amoxicillin. After trying to mix it in with milk, hold her down and force it down her throat, let her make it herself, mixing it with pure hershey syrup, trying to hide it in Trix yogurt, we found our secret weapon........Jello chocolate pudding. Also, it doesn't hurt to let her eat it in the living room on a blanket........just to eat in the forbidden area made it even more delicious.

Mmmm. Posted by Picasa

The Many Faces of Lindsey.

Of course, these are just a few. She has so many more!

Happy! Posted by Picasa

Sad. Posted by Picasa

Silly!  Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

He Grew!

Michael went for his check-up on Tuesday. Overall, a healthy boy. How healthy you ask? 29 lbs and 35 1/4 inches!!!!! Finally, he had a spurt. We were starting to get a little concerned, but are perfectly content with our perfect boy. We also did a routine blood test with him. He did not even CRY! In that respect, you wouldn't know that Lindsey and Michael are siblings. She's the screamer. Kids are waking from their naps..........just wanted to pass along my happy news:)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Michael turned 2.

January 23rd....Michael turned 2. He seemed pretty happy about it. We made our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast and he got to do whatever he wanted. That was until, I got a call from school that Tyler was very, very sick. In between all the chaos of the sick one, the Potty Princess, and the birthday boy, I had planned on making a cake for his birthday. I made Michael's absolute favorite meal......SPAGHETTI ( I got off easy with that one). So, while everyone was eating, I hurried and put the cake in the oven. Michael & Lindsey had so much sauce on them that they had to take a bath before eating the cake. While, they were getting out of the bath with Daddy, I attempted to decorate the cake. It looks really frightening, but was delicious and I think they enjoyed this cake more than any other. Lots of lollipops, m&m's and a car! What more could you ask for? After Michael went to bed.....All I could think of is where did the 2 years go? He is now such a boy...into everything and full of charm. I think we will keep him.

P.S. Sorry about the photos again. You can figure them out.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Don't laugh at the cake.........I had 5 minutes to decorate it. Posted by Picasa

Yummy breakfast. Posted by Picasa

Yea, it's my birthday. Posted by Picasa

Sneaking, yet again. Posted by Picasa

My absolute favorite! Singing Happy Birthday. Posted by Picasa

I think this one is hilarious! They are so excited about the candles. Posted by Picasa

Intent on opening his present. Posted by Picasa

Eating another cake!!! Posted by Picasa

Excited about his Thomas Magnet Book. Posted by Picasa

Partied out. Posted by Picasa

His Wiggly Party.

First, let me apologize for the out of sequence photos below. I must have posted them too quickly and they got jumbled up. I am sure you can figure out how they should be. I am lucky I got that much up without interruption. Michael enjoyed his party....he was overwhelmed by everyone fussing over him, but he enjoyed it. He got alot of wonderful gifts. Everyone gave him something he really enjoys. Aunt Kristal, he loves the pjs! Boo & Ian, the bath book and toothbrushes are his faves. Grandma & Grandpa Scavo, he loves to carry his shoes around. Aunt Christina and Uncle Dan, he can't keep his hands off of the Tonka cars. Great-Grandma Doris, the monster truck you gave him is always in his sight! Grandma & Grandpa Russell, he wants to read his books to me all the time. He really made out! Thank you all for your generous gifts and for coming to his party.

Grandma & Tyler waiting for lunch to be served! Do they look alike or what? Posted by Picasa

Michael's favorite.....The Wiggles. Posted by Picasa

The boys, Michael & Ian, playing. Posted by Picasa

Enjoying his cake. Posted by Picasa

Michael's Wiggle cake! Posted by Picasa

Not sure what to make of all the singing! Posted by Picasa

Tried to capture this one for you.........the hand sneaking over the cake. He loved the frosting! Posted by Picasa

Playing with the cars he got from Aunt Christina, Grandma Nev, and Great-Grandma Doris. He was super-excited about them! Posted by Picasa