Friday, August 31, 2007

Yummy recipe
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My day...the roller coaster.

Most days for me are pure....................................craziness. Some are full of .........................................loving moments!
We strive for more bonding.

But, oh how I love when is quiet and they are doing something on their own!

Need to see Natalie?

I am happy to bog down your computer with many, many pics of her....I cannot control myself.

This one makes me laugh....totally like Grandma Nev.
Here she is cracking up at Elmo and a talking banana. She hasn't really laughed out loud at a character on tv before, so it was pretty cute.

Ready to get into mischief...ha.
Look at those crossed it!

Finally!!! A "cheese" that shows all those beautiful teeth(4)!

Interacting with her nice to see!

You know I have more, but I don't want to bore you too much. Hope your day is great...Woo-hoo it is Friday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good mail!

Jill's sweet card and good mail came at just the right time. Thank you for thinking of me, Jill! I can't wait to use them!Thank you Mique, for the nice card and the extra magnetic S! It was so great to find your note in a sea of bills/junk mail!

My good friend, Janice, made my kids an after-school snack of Snickerdoodles! Talk about yummy good mail! No photo, due to the devouring of said snack!

Our good friends, The Harty's, sent the family some fun prizes. Natalie~a Tweety bird t-shirt, Tyler~a fun yo-yo, Michael a spark alligator gun and spiderman art set, and Lindsey this cool shell box.
With these cool glass pieces inside.....I want them for my own, they are so cool.

She also spoiled the whole family with local honey in this adorable owl jar(owls are making a comeback aren't they?) and a whole bag of Jelly Bellys from the factory there in Gold Beach. Thanks so much for thinking of us. We miss you all so much~

Another lesson learned.

Having the kids play with a tunnel after their bath....

Doesn't get all their energy out.....uh, yeah....I know, it seems like a you..

Monday, August 27, 2007

What a difference with only 2 in tow!

Friday, we visited the Children's Museum. Just Natalie, Michael and I. It was Natalie's first time without the use of a stroller and boy, did she love that! They had fun through-out, but their most favorite turned out to be this room:

Isn't it cool? Michael is playing with a magnetic the right is all the building blocks/mats you could ask for to build a pyramid.
This is such a great idea. There were tons of these tubes filled with feathers, pebbles, name it. Natalie loved em. I wonder if I could find these containers somewhere to make our own?
Although, Michael is a blur in the background, this is my favorite. My little girl with no fear. She climbed all the way to the top and never once looked back to me for help. Michael stayed with this snake most of the time. It was so fun. You attach the little frogs with velcro onto the snake.
Then you pulled the rope to get them to the top. Once they reached the top they popped into the air. Oh, to hear the kids giggle at them, it was so sweet.
Another blurry photo. I guess I was so worried about my little wanderer, Natalie, I wasn't getting the best pics. Anyhow, here he is very nervous about seeing the DINOSAURS. His favorite topic these days and he was scared?!? I can't figure him out sometimes.
Natalie trying to make a getaway. All in all, it was a little tougher now that Natalie is mobile, but with only two to contend much calmer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I almost forgot to post about Lindsey's Oz party. Let me start off by saying, it was not one of my best many things went wrong. Charles was priming/painting every night, so we weren't able to get anything done outside....okay you get the gist.


My mom made all the character posters.....we used the tin man poster for Pin the heart on the Tin Man.
This table was a big hit...they made Glinda crowns and Tin Man hats.
The amazing cake Janice made for Lindsey....could that field of flowers or yellow brick road get any more perfect?
Ah, yeah....add the HOMEMADE rainbow sugar cookies! Thank you so much, Janice.

Madeline standing above the bounce house.... What would an Oz party be without the "rainbow candy", Skittles.
Cinnamon hearts(get it, Tin Man needed a heart)
Potato represent the straw.

A fruit rainbow that was gone pretty quickly. We also made monkey bread, yummy!

Do your best, bravest, strongest lion roar.

Yummm cake!

My FAVORITe they look like they are having fun or what?

Aren't those two cute kids?

Present time! She rec'd so many great gifts!

Once we saw her room, we knew she had a good time. She took down some of the cutouts and stuck them on her wall! They are still there today.

While it didn't turn out quite like I wanted........It was HUMID so they only bounced in short spurts, No balloons because of no helium, no Dunkin Donuts Munchkins(how clever was that?), totally forgot to play the soundtrack or movie(what?), Lindsey wouldn't let me do her hair Dorothy style, didn't have time to make chocolate hearts for the favor bags, could not find mini bags of Skittles for the favor bag, oh the list could go on and on.............................SHE had a great time and that is all that matters. Her friends had fun and it was so wonderful to see her as the little social butterfly. There is always next year!