Thursday, June 07, 2007

I got tagged.

Rachel tagged me with a personal policy meme. Never been tagged before...I feel all famous now:) By the way Rachel, alot of yours were the same as mine. Now looks who's not so interesting!

Anyway here goes:
1. I believe in courtesy....common courtesy. Open a door for someone, offer a helping hand when someone is struggling, say thanks when someone does the same for you. It is really important to me. You know, treat people as you would like to be treated.

2. Seatbelts are required for our car to go.....gas does not work unless they are buckled in.

3. Most people will laugh when I say this because they know me so well. Saying "I'm sorry". Now, I do tend to say it too often, but I am talking about when you do something really wrong. Just because I am Mommy doesn't mean I can't admit that I was wrong. I want them to know that I too make mistakes and should take responsibility for them.

4. No styrofoam......yes, you read that right. No styrofoam. I have a strange relationship with the white stuff. When I hear it, my hair on the back of my neck and arms stand up and are accompanied by huge goose bumps. It literally hurts my know like nails on a chalkboard and it takes forever to go away. I have to leave the no styrofoam.

5. Although I have gotten better, I can't stand leftovers. ESPECIALLY, if it is older than 1 day. What a snob, huh? With 6 of us now, I am getting better about that.

6. I like getting to the point. You want to borrow that cup of sugar, just ask. Don't say I don't have any sugar to make the cake for church and then just look at me. Waiting for me to offer. It drives me CRAZY!

7. I will never drink coffee. N-E-V-E-R.

8. I have to follow directions. I can be flexible, but with recipes...I have to follow directions. Or putting together a piece of furniture, I HAVE to follow the directions. I did this meme because Rachel told me to. See?

Now I am supposed to tag 5 people......I pick Cristina, Stacy, Kacey, Jill, and Cristin. If you want to do it just let them know they were tagged in their comments. Hope you guys don't mind!


Rachel said...

Heather, I think we are very much alike. :)

Jill said...

I think these are good policies, I'm going to have think about this before I post mine (I have no problem with you tagging me by the way). Yours was interesting, styrofoam eh?

Cristina Mathers said...

cool! i am gonna do this, but be forwarned....i am still trying to finish the interview that megan annis sent me.

and you and i are so totally alike, it's a little scary!

Kelly said...

i agree with jill... good policies. i too hate leftoevers. i don't know why. the only think i will eat the next day is chinese. but everything else? i'm just not interested. and i totally am with you on getting to the point. which is funny, because i tend to ramble on. but, it drives me crazy... i have this brother who will call. he only calls if he has a reason, but he will spend 20 minutes small talking before getting to the reason. and it's not fun small talk, it's that uncomfortable small talk. but here i am, totally rambling!