Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2 for 2.

I thought I would try to go to the park again with the kids. We were on time to Tyler's camp and no one had any bathroom emergencies. I even remembered the sunblock! After a couple of slides,
several poses,
and a few mini
walks, Lindsey announced she had to go potty RIGHT now. And she did. I am beginning to wonder if something is wrong, she has never done this kind of thing before.....even when we were potty training her. Being so hot here, she is really drinking alot....alot of water. Anyhow, not sure if I will be taking them to the park again tomorrow. Maybe....the 3rd time is usually the charm right?

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Jill said...

Parks and bathrooms just don't go well together do they. I always feel like I'm taking a huge risk with kid bladders in places like that.