Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fourth day of travel~August 2nd.

Once we settled our battery situation, we were on our way. Did I mention how much we love Embassy Suites? Free made to order breakfast every morning...was a delightful thing.

While driving through Ohio, we made a stop at White Castle...remembering how much we loved them when we were younger. Our memory is going, because..well...they were horrible. I am sorry to all of you who may enjoy them, but they were nothing like I remember. Tasted like someone poured onion powder into my mouth...ick!
East are as beautiful as ever. The lush, green view while we driving through was just what these desert dwellers needed!
Dear Garmin: thank you for your help during this trips, although you did get quite annoying when we didn't listen to you.
This sign was a welcome sight! We made it.
Poor Tyler, he does take after his mother. He can sleep anywhere, no matter the space restrictions!
We arrived at our rental at around midnight. We didn't get to sleep until 3 am....all 6 of us. When we did wake up, this was the view out of our window. Isn't it beautiful?

Friday, September 24, 2010

August 1st-Day 3

On our way to Indianapolis, we munched on sandwiches and goodies provided by Jeff & Lori and were amazed by

the PHANTOM driver. Do you see anyone driving the red car? Us either.

We passed through St. Louis and really regretted that we could not stop. We were running so late, but it was beautiful to see.

A couple of perks to driving during the night. I was pretty pleased to catch these out of the back window of the van.

*We stopped in a small town about 2 hours outside of Indianapolis and our battery died.

**Triple AAA was called.

***No one was willing to come out to us for a jump. Really. I am not lying.

****Luckily, after waiting about 30 minutes, it started. We made it to our hotel without incidence.

*****Even luckier? A Honda dealership was only 5 minutes away from our hotel.

******Even luckier still? They were so quick, we didn't lose any time in the morning on our way to New York.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

19 hours of fun (the family road trip saga continues)

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, at the lovely house of Lori. She is a dear friend/sister I met blogging! When I tell people this, they can't quite understand it. Somehow, we clicked. I am so lucky to know her. Her family, Jeff, Mandy, Katie, Ruby & Ms. Snookie are equally wonderful. When we arrived, we immediately felt at home.

We were greeted with beautiful roses cut from her garden

And this wonderful, fun polka dot wreath she made for me. I LOVE IT!
We arrived just in time for a delicious dinner off of the grill.

They were so sweet to celebrate Lindsey's birthday with this YUMMY cake
complete with candles. Thank you for making her feel so special.

Beautiful Katie made this gift for Lindsey. She did a great job and Lindsey has it hanging over her doorway. Thank you, Katie!
After dinner, Lori & I were able to sneak away for a quick trip to Hobby Lobby before they closed. I see what all the fuss is about. It is delightful!
When we got back, strawberry daiquiris were made and enjoyed! Yes, they are as nice as they appear. The daiquiris and Jeff & Lori!

Getting their sillies out before bed.
Michael was so excited to be camping out on their floor. I don't think he even minded being surrounded by 4 girls.

These 2 were so excited, I don't think they could stand it.
While Lori & I had a SmartyPants championship going on....Charles and Natalie were asleep. Is there anything cuter than a father sleeping with his daughter? Cuteness!

Tyler and Mandy became fast friends...

As did these sweet girls.

Have you ever seen such beautiful blue eyes? Seriously, you could swim in them.

Jeff, Lori, and Ruby(above) took me for a ride. I had to get my celebrity fix.

Yep, that's The Duggar's house. From 19 and counting. Yes, I took a photo.

We had such a terrific time, we didn't want to leave. No photos of leaving, cause I was crying. Really, why can't we live closer?

Drake Family: Thank you for treating us just like family. You are wonderful. You know we love ya. See you in October!?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It looks promising!!!

After our whirlwind trip to Vegas(thank you Aunt Pat & Uncle Rich), we came home to the internet & telephone not working. Yesterday, the cable company fixed us up and we are back online! Woohoo! to telling you about the rest of our amazing family vacation and all that has been happening in our lives over the past month.

Oh, and am I the only one excited that it is fall? Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

IF Blogger would let me upload photos.....

I would show you gorgeous photos of my handsome husband.

I would let you see all that he has done for his family.

I would display 9 photos from 9 years of wonderfulness.

I would brag about all his thoughtfulness & sweet gestures via photo.

I would, but I can't.

These words are all I have.

I love you, Charles. Thank you for all that you are. Happy Anniversary!

Sidenote: I hope to continue with our family trip, as soon as, I am able to post photos. We had such a great time....really, we did!