Saturday, October 27, 2007

School on a Saturday?

This morning, Lindsey and her dad went to her school to help with the kindergarten garden. She was beyond excited to be spending some Daddy/daughter time ALONE! I was most pleased that she was so willing to help her school/community!
***See the woman in purple in the background? A mother of one of Lindsey's classmates. Also, went to school with Charles. She remembered his eyes.....Anywhere we go, SOMEONE knows Charles. When Lindsey started preschool on the other side of town last year, an old classmate recognized him at the open house. The grocery store, the mall, school functions, even our honeymoon. No lie. We are out on the bay on a boat and there on the dance floor is one of his old co-workers. Crazy, huh? It truly is a small world.

Michael at play.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't you just love

teenage humor? I found this today in the freezer outside, which will now be referred to as the Popsicle Keeper, because that was ALL there was in it! Okay, besides the stinky sweatsock casserole. Guess you can tell that we have kids.

You know he is out of his room during nap when....

you see a 3 year old boy sliding down the freshly mopped hallway because he slipped! So funny, wonder if he will sneak out again tomorrow?

Halloween is here.

Some Halloween decor that I love.Found at Michaels for CHEAP!

Also found at Michaels at discount...SCORE!

From last year, I love the orange and black.
Bought several years ago at my grandmother's church bazaar. Alot of work went into it and I have not seen another like it.
Bought a couple of years ago for $3.49. I wish they had more, I love this spooky house.

My funny frankenstein candle holder I got at Big Lots 6 or 7 years ago for $1.49...only reason I remember, tag is still on the bottom. Am I the only one who forgets to take those off? Especially when they are on the bottom.My fun buy at Target this year. Perfect for those that forget what to say after they knock on the door, ha!

AND, in case you are in need of any more sugar during this candy-ridden holiday, Natalie will gladly provide!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The costumes.

I am the one who always has these great big elaborate ideas for costumes(and other holidays, but that is another LONG story). So, I have these visions.....visions my children often don't share. They usually change their mind about their costumes last minute, won't look at the camera or complain that it is not exactly right. So feast your eyes on our Halloween past.

A repeat, I know, but I had to start somewhere. Misplaced are 1994~as a 2 week old little punkin. 1995~as a 1 year old car mechanic. So cute. 1996~as a sweet lion. 1997 really reflects what he was into that year. Anything and everything to do with Winnie the Pooh. 1998~was the year of find what ever costume Tyler would wear. Ended up being John Smith from Pocahontas. 1999~Tyler was his favorite engine....Thomas the tank.
2000 was a fun year for us. Tyler chose his costume and we got photos done. I cannot find the other pic that had his wand, cards and flowers...sort of a ta-da expression on his face. This one is pretty cute though.
2001~Tyler was Willy Wonka. We reused his magician's hat and cane/wand. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is his all-time favorite movie. It's pretty high on my list too! He loved that costume.

Missing in action is 2002 where Tyler a spooky ghost with make-up. Lindsey was a little punkin(thanks to Tyler's costume I STILL had) and a little leopard for the actual trick-or-treating. The 4 photos above are from 2003. The top pic is my fave....doesn't it look like he has a parrot on his shoulder? That's our Lindsey!

2004~Lindsey was going as a witch, Tyler a mummy, and Michael a spider, but as you can see Miss Lindsey changed her mind and Tyler was not a willing to stay still to be a mummy. Everyone that saw Michael and the Halloween party thought he was a gang member with the knee-high on his head.
Halloween 2005~Lindsey and Michael went as JoJo and Goliath. The easiest costumes ever and worth the price. Tyler went as Sportacus. So cool. Charles, Natalie and I went as black-eyed peas(I was prego with Natalie at the time) Get it? Black-eyed P? I thought we were so funny!

This brings us to 2006. Lindsey went as Dorothy, Michael as Thomas(thank you Tyler for keeping it so nice) and Natalie was a flower.
There you have it. A little Halloween history from the 6 scavos!

Monday, October 22, 2007

How the week flew by!

Tuesday night, Lindsey became a Daisy Scout! She had so much fun! They meet every other Tuesday for an hour and fifteen minutes. Something manageable for us. She loves her daisy pin and can't wait to go again. We are so proud of her. Thursday, we celebrated Tyler's 13th birthday. Per his request, Grandma Tony's pizza and chocolate cake w/vanilla ice cream. Lucky for him, his Great-Grandma Jo arrived in town on Wednesday and she was able to celebrate with him.

My mom and Tyler hanging out. She is doing much better now. She should be driving within the week!

Finally, a good pic of my Grandma Doris....she usually hides.
Michael with a mouthful of Doritos and Grandma Jo.

Charles, Natalie and the birthday boy.
Mom and Grandma Jo.
Michael enjoying his pizza...yum!

Waiting to open his gifts. They included a COMPUTER from my parents, a super cool dvd and book, along with a gift card from Charles parents, cash(don't teenagers love it?) from his two great-grandmothers, Aunt Christina & Uncle Dan, Uncle Tony, Nickie, and Aunt Nancy, and some games, clothes, and music from us. All in all, I think he did pretty well.
Saturday, Lindsey and I went to Disney Princesses on Ice. My mom had bought the tickets for the two of them, but everything that happened changed her plans, so I went in her place. She had alot of fun. Whenever I ask what her favorite part was, she says "all of it was my favorite". She squealed when she got to see Minnie & Mickey...."just like at Disneyland, Mommy!"Thanks Mom for treating us to such a great Mother and daughter day.

Saturday night, I went over to Mom's to play 'Blew it' with Mom & Gram. As usual, I didn't win one game, but it was fun. It brought back lots of memories, that's for sure.

Sunday, we decided to break out the small pool and let them have some fun. Since it seems, everyone else's blog/home is in full fall mode, I thought it would be fun to show you my kids in all their bathing suit glory....on October 21st!!!!!

I have so many things to get done this week, or least start on:
*Several pieces of good mail to be shipped.
*Halloween costumes to get started on....
Lindsey ~~~Little Red Riding Hood
Wouldn't it be cool if Tyler would be the Lumberjack? Maybe we can talk him into it....
*Start on my ornament for the Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange.
*Work on my Pink Christmas gift.