Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last night..

While I was making dinner, I noticed a pink glow coming from the backyard. I went outside and look what I saw. Simply beautiful.

Creative ways to pass time...

Today, I was the chauffeur for Michael & 3 of his preschool buddies(and our little Natalie). They went to a performance of Pippi Longstocking...lucky kids. Anyhoo, Natalie was not allowed to join the field trip, so I drove and had to find something to kill 1 1/2 hours before I had to go back and pick them up.
We took a scenic drive near the performance center(it is on the other side of town). How you like those blue skies?

We stopped at Target because I had a $15 gift card burning a hole in my pocket and let me just tell you, this store is now my new favorite...I wish I lived closer to it. But, before we go in we always have to take care of something very important. We have to count the red balls in front of the store.

and slide down every single one. Also, we HAD to pull our socks up as high as they could go...it had to be done.

Then after I survived the longest 25 minutes in the store(remember she is almost 3 and VERY independent!) I noticed a Starbucks drive-thru(you know, cause there are not many around...hee). And ordered my new favorite drink, thanks to Lori, Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade. YUM!
Then we played can you put your foot on top of your head,
Really we did.
And she really did.
After some rousing games of itsy-bitsy spider, pat-a-cake, and numerous Laurie Berkner songs...we played

Can you put your foot on your head AGAIN!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Sunday.

We had some good quality family time this weekend....much, much needed.

After our "cancakes" breakfast, we went for a bike ride.

Which meant for Tyler, a walk....he still won't ride a bike. Here he is checking out his old elementary school(Lindsey's). Something about it made me sad. Maybe because he is growing up, maybe because he misses that comfort zone, or maybe because he is always alone.
We took a break and climbed a tree or 2.

Then our littlest princess decided she was walking ....I absolutely love this photo, blurriness and all! Anyone notice her hair up in a ponytail.....yay, we are starting to have other hair options!

After we got home, the whole family enjoyed some fruit pops in the backyard and someone got into the blue chalk. I won't say who:)

Then, Charles & I assembled my turbo air hockey game that I got for my birthday FOUR years ago. I told you we procrastinate! It was a big hit with all the kids(Charles & I included). We have no room for it, but it sure is fun!

Lindsey enjoyed making the meatballs for Sunday dinner with Grandma Marie. She did a terrific job...they were delicious.

While I was preparing the meatballs, the kids took advantage of the available table and played really well together.

Dinner was yummy, the company was nice and her gift of lemons from her lemon tree was a welcome surprise. Can you believe how many lemons her little tree produces? This isn't even half of them!

It was a wonderful, relaxing day...that I didn't want to end.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bag tagged!

My friend, Lori, tagged me. Here is my bag I used today. My Liz Claiborne black purse that Charles gave me about 3 or 4 years ago for Christmas. He also bought me a red one too!Inside? My wallet, photo envelope & mini photo album....nothing like taking them out of your purse and into the sunlight to see how much they need to be cleaned!
There is also a bill to be mailed, Doodlebug address labels, trident wrappers, some twine, 3 straws(I guess you never know when those will be needed!), pens & 3 sharpies(?!?)

Bills & change all over the place. There are times when I HAVE to have it in the wallet, just so...and others, like now, where it is everywhere. Weird, right?

A brush that needs to be cleaned....Lindsey's hair thingys, sunglasses, and too many lip products.

How is this for random? Snoopy baby wipes, a christmas light cover and keys......which is so crazy, cause they are NEVER in my purse where they are supposed to be!

There you have it Lori.....thanks for tagging me, it made me clean my purse out!!!
Anyone who would like to do it, consider yourself tagged!

Valentine's Day this year.

Homemade Valentines were made....

Lindsey's class partied.
Hearts were hugged.The table was set for breakfast..

And blurry breakfast photos were taken.

We also learned

how to eat a pumpkin muffin your Grandma dropped off

while scooting.Go, very

Monday, Michael got to celebrate with his class.....can you see the excitement?
He had a great time going through his "valentimes"........
Other noteworthy Valentine festivities
Tyler had a play on Friday...he was Charlie Brown & had 2 large parts in the play. He did a great job.
Charles made yummy Chicken Parmesan for all of us.
I watched Princess Bride & Wedding Singer....I can't stop myself. If they are on, I WILL watch.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, how I love you.

Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper & Pepsi....my favorites. Always have been, but I have to say goodbye old friend. I love you, but

I love me more!

Monday, February 09, 2009

A little love in the air.

Heart ornaments that were on clearance @ Joann's for 75 cents fills our dining room with a little love.

Letter ornaments I got on clearance at Anthropologie for $1.50 prove that Valentine's Day is not ALL pink and red.

And there is nothing more I LOVE than playing games with Lindsey. Especially Eeboo games. The candy memory game is so much fun and you have to love Lindsey's little stash of conversation hearts that she put in an old heart tin.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stir Crazy......

Yea, that's right! That's right! We bad!

Remember that movie.....so funny. I loved Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder together. Anyhow, their movie title & famous line are a perfect fit for my day...oh yeah, and the fact that Gene Wilder's hair resembles Natalie's in so many ways:)

After dropping off Lindsey & Tyler at school this morning....my two little sick jailbirds(they have been home for 7 days straight!) took the car hostage.

There was some serious driving moves going on.....along with some sidekick sounds.

You know, vroom, vroom, vroom.

And then it got ugly quick(this is where the," that's right, that's right, we bad" comes in). They did not want to leave the car. So, if you were anywhere near 22nd street today...the screams you heard were from my house and thankfully, none were coming from me.

Now yesterday.....yesterday there were some squeals of delight coming from me via Good mail. Good mail I ordered and extra good mail goodness just because she is super sweet.

Cristina over at Made By Crissy Mathers made a beautiful gift set of pasta, sauce and spices that I bought. And then, she surprised me with all kinds of yummy stuff. Salt-free blend, raspberry chipolte sauce, sweet and savory rub, sweet cinammon spice, dipping herbs, and mint chocolate soak.....a chocolate soak? I want to take a bath right now! She was nice enough to include some treats for the kids. Conversation hearts and chocolate lips(notice 2 missing out of the box?). Thanks Cristina! The hearts were taken away from immediately by greedy children:)

Oh, and how could I forget these yummy treats she included? She remembered how much I love her gourmet peanut butter candies and she sent me one along with some other sweet & spicy chocolate candies she made. That cup was gone about 2 minutes after I opened the box. Seriously good! Thanks for all the goodies, Cristina. It did a trapped Mom good.....