Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Splash pad Take 2.

Saturday morning, we decided to take the kids to the splash pad I took Natalie to earlier in the week. They missed out while they were at VBS.
Lindsey squealed each and every time that she got splashed. She had so much fun.
As did our little man. Give a boy a water gun that big and you better watch out!!
Natalie was funny this time. I don't know if it was because there was such a crowd or what, but she didn't want to get wet. She played on the playground & enjoyed her snack. Yes, I did put sunscreen on her. Do you believe how red she gets from just being hot?
I included this photo for further proof of her redness and to tell you that at this park, no matter where you are, the sky is beautiful. I hope to go back one day alone to take some more photos.

Saturday night we ordered pizza and took it to my mil's house and then got DQ and went to my parent's house. The kids kept saying it was surprise night. Do you ever have surprise Saturday nights like that?

Good mail by way of swapping!

Last month, I joined a fun Nancy Drew Swap hosted by my friend, Lori. We were to read a Nancy Drew mystery and send some fun things to our partners.My partner, Ruth Ann, sent a lovely package to me. A new Nancy Drew PC game that I have been tempted to buy for myself, the book that she read...The Clue in the diary, a fun mug, a beautiful red journal with a magnetic closure(she has no idea how much I love magnetic closures...weird, right?) and she included the movie Unfaithful with Richard Gere...because she adores Richard Gere(who doesn't?). It was all very sweet and I really appreciate all of it Ruth Ann. Thank you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who needs a pool?

First folder, 10th picture.

My friend, Lori, tagged me.January 21, 2007. The year it snowed in OUR yard....in ARIZONA! I had better pics, but the rules were 1st folder, 10th picture. So there you have it! Consider yourself tagged and try it. It is fun to reminisce!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's so boring.

Yeah, they look bored, don't they?


Why does every playdoh session end with at least one of these?
Was it the best choice to let Lindsey leave her dry erase board & markers next to Natalie in the back seat while she was at camp?
And finally, is it typical for your 3 year old to beg and plead for red, orange, and yellow peppers? And proceed to eat them like she has never eaten before?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The lost days of May.

Since I am so behind in my posts....enjoy a glimpse into our May, full of sickness(we all were sick ALL month-long, no lie!) and fun.
Tyler & Lindsey posed on the morning of their last day of school.
While they were enjoying last day class parties and hanging with their friends
Natalie, Michael & I were painting a Welcome to Summer sign for them to run through AND

getting their supplies for celebration smores as we like to call them round here.

No longer a 1st grader....this girl was ready for summer vacation to begin!

Photo of her tucking her hair behind her ears....had to be included. I love this girl & am so very proud of her accomplishments.

Picking up Tyler was sorta surreal to me. I can't get over that he is starting high school. Side note:this is the only photo he allowed me to take of him, ugh!
Move it bookbags & lunch boxes....make way for towels, pool bags, and hats!

Okay, here is where we go totally random(don't you love my 80's speak?...like totally random)

We have been busy.
Running through sprinklers because our pool is STILL not fixed. And while we are good and dirty from the grass & dirt, we enjoyed some yummy grapes.

We started a new chore chart....but before we made it, we had to try out the dry erase markers. I give you...our family portrait, by Lindsey on the left side and by Michael on the right.

We've made use of lots online printables. Can you tell this is Arthur? She informed me that he had to be different this time. And he was.

One of the perks of living here.....sunsets are unbelievable no matter where you are. Like on our way to the mall.

We've rummaged through our utensil drawer and had lots of fun with play-dough.
We had lots of fun making red velvet cupcakes...
We brought out some long forgotten games we had. This Dr. Suess game was a big hit.
Tangrams & multiplication.....more fun than any of us expected.
Not the best photo of Natalie's new bed, but you get the idea. We bought it at a yard sale for $50 and painted it white. Now, she has more storage in that small room of hers. I'll be sure to take an after photo to show you her room all done.

Visited his high school & got his new schedule. Digital Media, drama, and a SOCIAL SKILLs class. Do you believe it? I am so very excited about. His school is very large. I think there are 5 separate buildings that are huge. I was so happy to get the chance to take pics of him there without any kids around. The place is so traditional and I had some great ideas. Unfortunately, it was pouring from the minute we got there til we left and he was so concerned that it wasn't allowed that this is all I got. Did you check out his curls.....um, time for a hair cut.

We got a new quilt. Do you love it as much as I do?

A ladybug purse, heart heels, a pink flower hat, and a margarita glass. Isn't that all you really need?
There have been some serious scrabble junior games. My girl is starting to love it, just like Mommy!

We broke out our swimsuits.

and our trusty $38 pool and made due with what we had. Though it is tough looking at our pool. Empty.

Can't forget that Lindsey had another big milestone. She lost a front tooth and accidentally swallowed it!!!! Luckily, the tooth fairy saw the whole thing happen and took pity on her. $1 and another $1 for the emotional stress of it all:)

Last I leave you with this. I like it. I love it. What do you think?