Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick-or-Treat 2008

Halloween night. Starring: Batgirl, a psychedelic clown, and Batman.

Do you think my children will ever look at the camera again...or at least at the same time? I wonder.

I was proud of their manners. They remembered to thank everyone, even Natalie! She was so cute...Twick or tweet.
Enough photos Mommy! I have things to do.

The combination of pre-Halloween excitement, cooler weather, walking a couple of blocks, and their sugar intake lead to this....completely crashed with his loot and a FAO Schwarz catalog(his favorite reading material lately).

Hope your Halloween was fun!

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for tonight?


Black, yellow, and pink are major players in the ensemble.

***Spiderwebs made......Check!

***Buy candy for Tyler to hand out....Check! $15 later:(

***Paint pumpkins with Grandma..... Check!
***Carve pumpkins.....Check!

(he is really progressing....halloweens in the past, he would never touch the knife, let alone carve)

***Avoid cameras ALL the time....Check!

***Decorations up.....Check!

***Cut out pumpkin shaped sandwiches and cucumbers for their lunch, also decorate their lunch bags, but forget to take pics of it all.....Check!

***Wear Halloween colors to school because they don't allow costumes anymore!?!??!?....Check!

***While they are at school set up the back yard for I go.....


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A hoodlum and a peanut butter cup.

When I put on her shirt/hoodie, she left it up ALL day long.

Cute right?

Even while we were playing ball and "pick a color on the ball, Mommy"...she left it up.
I thought that she would take it down while working so hard on her "I painting a PICHUR, Mommy!" aquadoodle. No, apparently that helps in concentration:) And if that wasn't sweet enough for you.....looky what I got in the mail.
This delicious, diet-breaking, gigantic peanut butter cup from Made by Crissy Mathers. She makes several different kinds, but you know me and peanut butter....I can't control myself. Check out her etsy was really rich, but so good!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A pumpkin patch and a detour or 2.

Saturday we went to our favorite pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly like last year.
You know.....GREEN and below 92 degrees!

You have to have overalls to go to a pumpkin patch. Everyone knows that. These have been passed down to each child. Yes, they are Tyler's! I told you I hold onto everything!

There was plenty of tree-climbing,

Goats to pet(don't they look adorable together?)

chickens to chase,

mazes to figure out,

dirt road to run on,

and finally, pumpkins to find!

One photo that makes me smile every time. Tyler held his hand all the way to the car. Oh, how I love these boys!After the patch, we decided to be spontaneous and stop at Madera Canyon. Thankfully, I was able to get my fix of "green"! This pic was taken through the windshield.

You have to watch The Upside Down Show to understand....have you ever watched it? Pretty funny.
Our rock slugger. She barely looked at us the entire time she was there. There was a small stream of water flowing in and she just kept throwing rocks...she loved it!
Michael and Lindsey took a brochure that the ranger gave us and wanted to find each animal and plant that was on it. They found several...but were very disappointed that they didn't see a black bear:) I wasn't!

This tree was hollow and went across the creek. It was like a natural bridge. So cool.
An attempt to take a photo. 3 out of 4 is not bad!

Another attempt that didn't work out, but I do think Tyler looks handsome here and I love that Michael was snuggling up to him.Another attempt, but what can you do? They were having so much fun, they didn't want to stop for anything.

I told you he was tall!

Driving out of the canyon, we came upon wild turkeys...there were about 7 of them.

We also happened upon some White tailed deer. So pretty.

It was a good time, except I was very paranoid about mountain lions and bears. Especially the lions. Charles sort of blew me off...but, guess what was on the news this morning? A mountain lion was stalking people on SATURDAY...where we were. They had to track it and destroy it. Not going there again unless there is an equal ratio of adults to children!

On the way home, I had Charles pull off the highway to the San Xavier Mission.

Isn't it beautiful? They are restoring the front portion of it. A perfect way to end an awesome day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

While big brother was away.

enjoying Natalie MacMaster with his preschool class. Natalie and I went to the park. She had been playing with my headband and asked to wear it. It matched, but let's just say it was a little

big for her...hee, hee.

Classic Scavo kid pose......"help me, my mother is taking a zillion pictures again!"

Driving with no brothers or sisters to bother her!

Just had to post this one for you to see her eyes....they are so light. also, what was she looking at so intently?

In Natalie's words..."Now, be careful kids...............wheeeeee!"

Part of the water park that she so desperately wanted to play in.

So proud to climb up the bars herself. "I can DEWWW it Mommy, I can!"

the only way I could get her to the car was to have a race

while we held hands(how is that a race?)

and the promise of cold apple juice...ahhh.

Caught this on the way to pick up Michael. Isn't it beautiful?

It was a very good day..

not counting the orange sharpie all over my beautiful sheets and the toilet overflowing, of course.

I do not know what happened to my pics....they are all wonky....I'll fix em later after I have cleaned up whatever else they have been up to! Have a good night!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been book tagged!

Lori tagged me....The rules of the game are easy. Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 56, start with the 5th sentence and post 2-5 paragraphs. Here's what I have...

~~~Own your mental real estate. Celebrate your areas of expertise and revel in your unique talents. Continue to learm your whole life long. We aren't competing in a pageant or proving our IQ on a piece of paper. Don't worry about how you can "beat 'em"-just be your best at whatever God has intentionally made you to be.

From my nightstand....If You Can't Lose It, Decorate It~~by Anita Renfroe

That was I get to tag Clare, Kim Sue, Cristina and anyone else who wants to do it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It was staring at me & since I am feeling nostalgic..

I bought it today @ Target. I loved this movie as a kid....that and Savannah Smiles. Anyone remember that one? Thought this would be a good Halloween movie for this weekend.