Monday, June 04, 2007

Christina, Dan and my mother-in-law, Marie came over Sunday night for dinner. Charles made his delicious chicken parmesan with spaghetti. We all went swimming before they came over and little Natalie was very busy with....... climbing onto her brother's bed.
crawling/squatting on her brother's bed.
standing on her brother's bed.
Emptying all of her clothes onto the floor and climbing in.
This is her expression when you tell her no.

It was a nice weekend, but two dinners didn't help the diet situation......8 lbs so far. I'm getting there!


Cristina Mathers said...

oh my gosh this is adorable! and so smart to be able to climb in there!

StacyD said...

Natalie and Sam must subscribe to the same newsletter. LOVE the bikini!

Rachel said...

Aww...must be hard to tell her no, huh?