Wednesday, June 27, 2007

After 3 times, am I allowed to cry

...over spilled milk? I mean, seriously, 3 times in 2 hours. How does that happen? Michael knocked over his cereal bowl exactly where the leaf of the table is. So, that was interesting trying to catch the milk before it hit the rest of the table and floor. Once that was clean we had to literally run out the door to get Lindsey to VBS on time. During the drive there, Natalie's sippy cup insert came out and milk was flying. Lucky for me, Lindsey sits next to her and grabbed the cup before it went everywhere. Okay, so once we got home, I put Natalie down and started cleaning up the messy kitchen I had left behind. Natalie decided to help. She walked over to the table and grabbed Lindsey's cereal bowl that, you guessed it, was half full of milk & Cap'n Crunch. How she did not dump it on herself, I will never know. The floor got a good milk bath, that's for sure. So, am I allowed to cry? Don't even get me started on Michael throwing up in the car. I am sure you can guess what it was that he drank.

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Jill said...

Yes, you're definitely allowed to cry after 3 times! You poor, poor mom!