Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New occupation~~~Taxi Driver.

I can't believe it, but I calculated how long we were in the car today....5 HOURS. Huh? We took Tyler to his theater camp(he is totally loving it, by the way~~Mom, the teenage boys are nice to me here), then came home to rush out to a doctor appointment for little miss Natalie. She is coughing this really weird cough that the doctor couldn't hear and thinks will go away on its own. Came back home for a little bit before picking Tyler up at camp. Right after camp we had to take him to his social skills class. Drove all the way home for potty breaks and went back to get him. I am NOT going anywhere else tonight. Although, I need to go shopping in a serious way.

In between all that driving action, we washed the car inside and out. The car now has a fun pattern of dirt, soap suds that dried on, water spots, and really clean areas.
They had a good time. They were very serious about their jobs.

Extra info:
Natalie weighs 19lbs 11oz. She got two more shots and was a real little trooper.

Tyler was practicing the hand jive for his show and Lindsey announced she wanted everyone to see her "ribbon" aka rhythm. Tyler thought that was funny(he is really making strides, yay!)

I have 4 pieces of good mail to send....hopefully tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Kyra!!! 5 looks good on you!

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Jill said...

Oh my, 5 hours of driving, that's just not right. You are a wonder mom for doing all of that and for not complaining. Plus cleaning the car inside and out! I guess it's a good idea if you're living in it eh? I hate a dirty car, especially inside.