Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lindsey in her princess dress! Posted by Picasa

Sorry, one more. Posted by Picasa

Waiting patiently(?) to go outside. Posted by Picasa

Wow, a photo of me with 2 of my chidren in it! A miracle! Posted by Picasa

Michael bragging about his gardening tools. Posted by Picasa

Surprise, surprise....she looked at the camera. Posted by Picasa

Her expression is so sweet. Posted by Picasa

Dad helping out. Posted by Picasa

Planting some flowers. Posted by Picasa

Our pretty gardener. Posted by Picasa

Watering the flowers. Posted by Picasa

Hanging out with Grandma.

We were so happy to have a Monday with Charles home. We went to visit his Mom for a bit. Charles put some chicken on the grill and the kids had fun playing in the yard. They always have a great time there. I think Grandma got wore out though!!!

My two babies waiting to go see Grandma Marie. Posted by Picasa

Another one. Posted by Picasa

Natalie on her way to Grandma Marie's house. Posted by Picasa

Playing with "Cheech". Posted by Picasa

Natalie snoozing in Grandma's bed.  Posted by Picasa

Michael found a new use for Grandma's baskets. Posted by Picasa

Too much fun at Grandma's. Posted by Picasa

Very concerned with the camera string. Had to show the blue -eyed beauty! Posted by Picasa

Ian's Birthday Party / Harty's Going Away Party!

Due to the their impending move to Oregon, the Harty family threw a huge birthday/graduation/goodbye party. Ian turns 4 in July, Travis graduated from high school and they are out of this hot place by June/July. It started at 2:00, but of course, we didn't get there until almost 4:30! Yes, I know, we were pretty late. The naps and feeding couldn't be helped, so we were there at the tail-end of Ian's party. Even though we were late, we had a lot of fun. Seeing Ian enjoying all of his friends was fun to watch. He is such a bright, little cutie and we really are going to miss him. The kids had a good time. Lindsey would go in the pool, but not the jumping castle at first. She had to warm up to the idea. Michael did not want to go in either of them. About 15 minutes before we left at 7:00, he went to play by the water. The commotion was too much for him I guess. Tyler was ecstatic to do some jumping. It is one of his favorite things. During the 2 1/2 hours we were there, there were streams of people coming and going. A sure sign of how much Georgeann, Mike and Ian are loved around here. They are good people with such big hearts! I am so glad we got to know them and hope to visit them sometime soon. We'll miss you guys!

Michael fearful of the Spider-man castle. Posted by Picasa

So happy to be playing with the kids! Posted by Picasa

Squealing from getting splashed. Posted by Picasa

What a great laugh she has. Posted by Picasa

A real close-up of Tyler. Posted by Picasa

Ian, the birthday boy, gathering all of the sprinkles from his cake cones. Posted by Picasa