Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Phoenix Zoo.

Saturday, we went to the zoo. It is really an amazing zoo....a lot of fun things for everyone.....when the weather is not 112 or so. Although it was super hot, we made the best of it. There was a really fun treehouse that the kids really enjoyed.
Making a decision go up or go inside and slide down?
An unanimous vote for climbing up! I love that Lindsey is following her brother for once. Are the control tides turning?
Lindsey let us know that it was her castle.
I L-O-V-E this picture. The way her skirt is fanned, that they are sitting together and watching the turtles(never seen them with algae all over their shell before), or how Michael is trying to emulate his sister.
I may be out of it, but I have never seen a flower like this before. Isn't it gorgeous? Very unique. To me anyhow:)
After a long walk to the petting zoo, where no one wanted to pet the animals, a slurpie was necessary to cool off. Really, we fed Natalie ice chips. She was so hot, poor baby.

Grandpa Duryea would be so proud of his tractor driving grandkids.
Taking a much needed break.

Photos got mixed up....sorry. Here is our cutie at the hotel after the hot zoo trip. Her cheeks were still rosy red.
Bonding over a moose.
The best part of their day.
This is Michael when the carousel started. He was so excited. Notice he hopped on the triceratops or as he often calls them "tree-horns".
At the gift shop, trying to cool off. They decided on Safari kits. They have really gotten alot of enjoyment out of them.

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Jill said...

That flower doesn't look real or like anything I've ever seen. Crazy.