Thursday, May 31, 2007

Old Maid, a jump rope and apple juice.

A rare opportunity for Lindsey and I to spend some time together came up this week. We headed out back for some girl time. She practiced jumping rope, although the one she was using was a little too big for her.
I have to give her credit, she is no quitter. She practiced for quite awhile.
When we tied it to her little gym thing-a-ma-jig, I turned the rope and she jumped. She actually did it about 5 or 6 times. She was/is quite proud of that fact.
Old Maid was our game of choice today.....can't do that without a nice, cold apple juice. It was refreshing to get to talk to her without a lot of interruptions. She told me about many of her favorite things and what she wants to be when she grows up. A firefighter, then a doctor, and then a Mommy.
I do so love this girl.

I survived day 2.

Tuesday, we hit the zoo for about an 11/2 hours. Me, alone with 4 kids. It was alot of fun. They were all on their best behavior. I couldn't believe it. Posing on a big rock they loved. The whole zoo full of animals and they wanted to play on the rock.
Watching pennies go down a funnel.
With Tyler, I was always one of those parents who wouldn't let their kid climb on the bars. You know, you could get hurt. Look what 3 kids later has reduced me to.

We took lots of great pics of the polar bear diving into the water and swimming. Their absolute favorite. We also saw the spectacled bear up-close and personal. I mean, his face was on the plexi-glass! That was cool. The tiger was in the water too, which we have never seen before. He wasn't swimming, just hanging out. Lots of fun.

Wednesday, we went to Target. Yes, Target alone with 4 kids. Am I crazy? Now, I know there are alot of people out there in blogland who do this all the time with 4 or even more, but for me it is a challenge. Anyhow, we made it through with with the new a couple new DVDs and everything I was looking for...except for straws. Why can't I ever remember to buy straws? They were so good that we went to McDonald's for a treat.

Can you handle the excitement? How many days til August 14th? Just kidding. If the last two days are any indication, I can make it until then:)

Other tidbits

*Natalie will not stay off of the fireplace.
*Tyler is in summer heaven, now that we have cable and it's in his room!
*Did I mention I finally got hi-speed internet? A miracle.
*My sister-in-law is coming to town tomorrow night.
*I am so behind on good is really not funny.
*7 lbs gone.
*Natalie does not like tilapia, but everyone else does...even Tyler!
*We are finally getting new carpet!!!
*Natalie says "poo-poo" and "boo-boo"
*Michael carries his dinosaur bag everywhere he goes. He is a collector.
*While we are cooking dinner, the kids love for us to turn the radio up and dance around the kitchen. Alone, together, or with them.
*I miss you, Christine!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last week was a blur....

The pool was ready for Scavo swim. Not the best photo of Lindsey, but you have to love her hat!
Nothing cuter than a baby in a ruffle bottom bathing suit. Our handsome boy taking the serious approach to entering the pool. I know there is an ugly ladder behind him, we are still working on the addition....don't even get me started! Natalie loved being in the pool. I knew she would. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Scavo...Michael and Natalie playing together. It warmed my heart. Also, her left foot positioned that way made me smile!
Naps are necessary. After all that swimming! And....everyone needs their bag while they sleep. He absolutely loves it, Stacy! Check out her blog, she makes the best crayon bags hereYes, she is sitting on the fireplace. Yes, she climbed up there by herself without climbing on anything. And yes, thankfully, she can get down by herself. The girl loves that boat! Boats and bubbles, what fun. We ran in the sprinklers. I love Michael's shadow here. And found a rainbow. I don't know who was more excited by it..the kids or me!
We were serenaded with "You are my sunshine", "Jesus loves me", "A wheel turning in my heart" and many, many more Laurie Berkner songs. It was very sweet. If you haven't gotten her Buzz, buzz need to.
There have been more moments of tenderness and play.
Lindsey said that these were the king and queen chairs.
We went to a bbq at my mom's. Lindsey loves getting ice from the fridge door. She feels all grown up!
Natalie played with Grandma and Grandpa alot....especially peek-a-boo.
We learned the correct way to enjoy ice cream using a spoon.
Be very, very
sure to

get all of it!
Also, that Tyler is huge! When did he grow?
Natalie showed off more standing skills. Walking should be very, very soon.
It was a very busy week, but loads of fun.

Monday, May 28, 2007

In honor of Memorial Day.

Watch this. Oh, and have a kleenex ready. Thanks to Rachel for sharing it with me.

To Kenny, my cousin, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please come home safe and sound. We are so proud of you.

To my Dad and my father-in-law, who served in Vietnam and the Korean War. Thank you, we do remember.

To all the men and women serving both here and overseas, we are so thankful. Keep safe.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer vacation and an impromptu tea party.

Friday was the 1st day of summer vacation. Am I ready for it? No. Are the kids? Of course. I am still trying to get all the stuff planned that I need to. Lindsey loves tea parties. Mostly pretend and sometimes with a little water and cookies. So, I decided, we decided to throw a real one. We went on Evite and invited Daddy to Lindsey's Tea Party in the backyard. She got to choose a tablecloth, the napkins, plates and food.
Here is the hostess with some pretty spring flowers she picked to put on the table.
A bowl of YUMMY cherries. Pink lemonade(tea), water(also tea), carrot bread muffins, flower shaped jello jigglers, tuna and peanut butter finger sandwiches, and flower shaped of course. She was so excited that Daddy could come. I was so excited that Daddy felt it was important to come home for lunch to be with her/us.
Natalie had a good time. The smile says everything. Her collar would not stay down and I was not ironing it for playing in the backyard! Notice her two pearly whites?
One minute they are fighting and the next they are like this. The mystery of siblings. I'll never understand.
***Tyler was there along with Charles, but photos are not available due to grumpiness of a pre-teen having to attend a tea party.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

They are so cool....

Natalie had to wear shades. Lindsey and Tyler are off to Kindergarten and 7th grade. Watch out world here they come.

Please scroll down for some photos of their special days.
Ready for her last day of pre-school. It was a water play exciting to wear your bathing suit to school!
On her way to school........totally loving Mommy and Lindsey alone time. We sang the whole way there. Laurie Berkner is awesome. Her last walk into school. I love this girl. We made gumball jars for the teachers and candy summer lollipops for the class. Of course, I forgot to take pictures AGAIN!
The Three Musketeers. Kristina, Lindsey and McKenna. We are going to have a great summer with them! An interesting tidbit....McKenna's birthday is 7/19, Lindsey's 7/29, and Kristina 8/9. They were meant to be friends, I tell you! What a terrific year you had Lindsey, we are so proud of you.

Tyler graduated 6th grade. I cannot believe it. He has been at Rogers Elementary for 8 years. 8 years people! That is a long time. He started there in preschool with Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Jenny. They have helped Tyler so much through the years. Such comforting presences for him.
Mrs. Parks was Tyler's Kindergarten teacher and has always had an open door policy for Tyler. When he had any issues she had him come visit her to talk it through. Lucky for us, Lindsey will be in her class!
Mrs. Loomis, Tyler's resource teacher since 1st grade. Wow, she has really been one of Tyler's rocks. She gets his humor and she has helped us as a family make some pretty important decisions regarding his education. Mrs. Pickard, one of the sweetest teachers/women you will ever meet has been the other rock for Tyler. She has helped Tyler try and become his own advocate, learn communication through social stories, and sooo much more. I want to thank all of you for all that you have done for Tyler. It has meant so much to Tyler and me. Many a time, when I have struggled with dealing with Tyler and his condition, you have been there for me with a talk or even a hug. You all have helped Tyler be the success that he is today! THANK YOU!

****Also, that thank you is extended to you Stacy and Georgeann. Thanks for all those pep talks!

**Update......we would not have thought of Tyler being in the autism spectrum, if it weren't for his occupational therapist, Sarah S. She was so so willing to help, so easy to talk to, and Tyler's closest friend. A teacher from the UK, who knows all about Thomas the Tank....what fun!
Thank you Sarah!
Tyler's 6th grade graduation had a fun slide show of all their activities, a continental breakfast for all the families, a variety show(very last minute) of the students, and promotion ceremony. Here he is waiting to speak.
He introduced himself and described his favorite school guessed it. Being the Genie in the Aladdin play.
after he rec'd his certicate.
Watching the variety show. We are so proud of you, Tyler. 7th grade is going to be an exciting adventure!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Checkbook cover.

For Mother's Day, I made checkbook covers for my mother and mother-in-law. I didn't get a picture of the one I made for Charles' mom, but here is a very blurry one of my mother's. I took it rushing out the door to meet her. I thought they really turned out cute. Just wanted to share.