Friday, June 15, 2007

A quick getaway.

Friday we decided to go to Scottsdale for an overnight trip. Once we arrived in Phoenix, we went to Ikea for Michael's mattress. I'll have to tell you that crazy story another time.....but oh, Ikea. It was beautiful. I wish I could have stayed longer and was alone or with my girlfriends. So much to see and buy. Living only 2 hours away, you wouldn't think the temperature would matter so much, but boy, did we notice it. It is HOT there. We made our way to the hotel. We got a great 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen. It is really necessary with the littles running around. After dinner, we went to the Arizona Mills Mall....the kids had a good time in Gameworks. The kids were in a real weird funk. No one was cooperating. Everyone was high-strung, we went to bed hoping for a better day at the zoo.

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Jill said...

I don't even want to think about how hot it was or having 4 kids in a hotel room. You're brave.