Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Good mail & Good times.

My bloggin' friend, Cristina, sent Natalie some new clothes. Thank you, thank you, for thinking of our little bean! Who knew I would meet such nice, caring people while blogging. Did I mention her handwriting should be a font of it's own....it is that cute!
Today, I braved the big pool with the 3 of them. Natalie was napping, so it was a little easier. They wore themselves out! Can you tell he was having fun?
Introducing, GoggleGirl! or as Michael would say...."Gobblegirl". So funny to hear him ask for gobbles.
Tyler slightly annoyed that I want to take another picture....you would think he would be used to it by now~
And oh yeah, Natalie took her first steps last night! No photos of the actual event. This one was taken after she had already done 3 steps in a row and was extremely tired.....that walking is exhausting:)


Rachel said...

Yay, Natalie!!!!

Jill said...

She's taking her first steps already, wow!

What is it with teenagers and photos? You have to do it though because if you don't he'll end up being bugged later. (I speak from experience.)