Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas Eve

They were so excited for Santa to arrive, so we decided to open the huge box from Aunt Candi and Ariel. It was a really nice fountain for our yard. Thanks Candi!!! Since that was a family gift, we let them all open one gift from Aunt Christine. They were so happy to be able to open a present. On the parent front, we were so excited to actually get to bed by 12:30! Do you believe it? We actually got some sleep! I guess that was our Christmas present to each other:)

Tyler anticipating what that big box from Aunt Candi could be! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Christine gave Lindsey a Strawberry Shortcake doll, which went right to bed with her! Posted by Picasa

What do they always say? Give the kids a gift and all they want to play with is....the box.  Posted by Picasa

Michael opening his Buzz Lightyear remote control car from Aunt Christine. Posted by Picasa

Tyler opening his Air Hogs from Aunt Christine. Posted by Picasa

Lindsey left some cookies and milk for Santa. She was very concerned that he was going to get some. Posted by Picasa

The Scavo's finally got a tree!

With only 10 days until Christmas, we got a tree. I was bit bummed to not be able to go and pick the tree out with the family, but I had sprained my right ankle right before we were to go get it. Charles and Tyler did an excellent job picking the right tree. When they brought it in, we were so surprised by the little ones reactions. Michael right away put his little toy reindeer in the tree and Lindsey squealed "It is so bootiful!". She also informed us that we needed a star right away! It was alot of fun helping them decorate, exhausting yes, but fun. As soon as Lindsey or Tyler put an ornament on the tree, Michael was there to take it down. What a great night.

Lindsey adding her ornament to the tree. Posted by Picasa

Tyler decorating the tree. Posted by Picasa

Michael was fascinated by the lights. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we acknowledge all the things we are thankful for, but I know I am thankful everday..............

For our big boy who can enjoy pumpkin pie better than anyone we know! Posted by Picasa

For our little guy who will try anything out of Grandma's toy box once! Posted by Picasa

For our little drama queen. Posted by Picasa

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner.........Peanuts style

Every year, Tyler prepares a Pre-Thanksgiving day feast in honor of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode. It comes complete with all the fixings that Snoopy provided in the show. As we are ready to eat, we have to exclaim"Where's the turkey?, Where's the mashed potatoes Chuck?, Where is the cranberry sauce?" and our favorite "Where's the Pumpkin Pie?" It is alot of fun seeing him try to get everything ready for everyone. We can't wait til next year for it!

Toast, pretzels, cheese puffs, popcorn and jellybeans....... Posted by Picasa

The chef preparing for his special meal. Posted by Picasa

The Big 4-0

Charles turned 40 on November 18th. As a surprise, I whisked him away to Las Vegas for 3 days. He was shocked, but happy! We really enjoyed ourselves....we are still trying to recover:) Happy Birthday Baby! We all love you!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Treats for the Sweets!

After giving them the special Halloween breakfast of Champions, Halloween Lucky Charms, I thought Halloween night was going to be a sugar-induced series of breakdowns...starting from Tyler down to Michael. But, they surprised me! They all ate in time to go out, were happy to put on their costumes, and joined in with the actual trick-or-treating part. We all had a very nice time. Also, it didn't hurt that the weather was excellent! For once, no one was sweating on October 31st! Once we went to about 15 houses, they were done, including the big one. That was good for us, less candy for them and less candy for Mom and Dad to sneak;) I hope all of you had as much fun as we did! Now how many days until Christmas?

A Halloween surprise......Michael in his booster seat! I know, it scared me too! Posted by Picasa

Best photo I could get.....where they were all actually looking at or near the camera. Miracles do happen. Posted by Picasa

I, Sportacus, will save you! Posted by Picasa

It's official.....he's strange! Posted by Picasa

Michael hugging our Halloween rat! Posted by Picasa

Checking out their loot! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Carving

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins YESTERDAY! We are such procrastinators. Lindsey and Michael were pretty excited to use their crayons on the pumpkins, but that started to wane, when they saw the insides of the pumpkins! No one really wanted to touch it. Lindsey wanted control of the knives, so a major breakdown ensued. Don't worry, I got those photos for further blackmail use:)

I'm coloring my pumpkin. Posted by Picasa

Helping Daddy carve. Posted by Picasa

Michael getting in on the action! Posted by Picasa

Their masterpiece! Posted by Picasa

All done! Posted by Picasa