Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh, yeah. It is Monday.

Tyler had camp this week at CYT. Christian Youth Theater. They are doing Grease....not sure how that applies to Christian youth, but anyhow. We had to be out of the house by 8:2o to get there by 9am. As we are leaving our neighborhood, we(Tyler) realized we hadn't packed a lunch for him. By the time we get back on the road it is 8:45. We might make it, forward to 9:15am. Lucky for me, Tyler didn't wig out because we were late. I kept explaining to him that we paid for the camp, if we are late it is really our loss. But, because we were late I had to tell his leader about his autism in front of a couple of kids. I felt so bad doing he doesn't have a hard enough time fitting in. It all worked out though. I decided to take the kiddies to the park. Stopped at home to get waters/snacks and got to the park around 10am. The kids were so excited to have the whole park to themselves. Michael was beside himself because there was 4 jackrabbits just sitting in the grass. He was squealing... so cute. I set Natalie down in the shade and I hear, "I have to go potty...really, really bad". No bathrooms at this particular park and in an emergency, we would have tried another privacy anywhere. So, we all had to pile in the car again. We make it home by 10:30am. What did I do for 2 hours? Drive....SO, I decided this day was just not working out, so we stayed home and swam in the pool. It worked out better that way. Tyler had a good time, but was disappointed he didn't get a lead in the play. He is one of the T-birds. It should be fun to see.

Tomorrow is going to be a better is really.

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Jill said...

How cute that Tyler was disappointed he didn't get the lead in the play, I'm impressed he wanted it.

I would not have been happy about all that driving!