Friday, October 23, 2009

At our house.

Can't wait until the sickies are all gone....not fun.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


What? You heard me. 15! How does it go from here

to here so quickly? Happy Birthday Tyler....sorry you were so sick on your birthday! We are so lucky to have you in our just make them better! Love you.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Helping unload groceries....Natalie's way.

My little helper and I went to Wal-mart...
She dressed herself!
She helped me remember to get items on my list, ;like cheese with quotes such as, "oh, how I love you cheese", "don't forget my cheesy friend", and "Yay! we are getting the cheese!". It was pretty cute...Natalie hugging the cheese til we put it in the bag.

When we got home she helped unload the bags....yeah, just one. Can you guess which one? Yep, the one with the cheese in it! :)

And then proceeded to squeeze into an impossible spot in the truck of the filthy van.
Note the popcorn balls she is laying you like popcorn balls? I don't mind them, but $3.94 for 18 isn't too bad for a fun treat.
I mean, how is she comfortable....the edge of our jogging stroller is about to jab her in the head. And furthermore, how is she able to smile that cute here
and here?
I asked her one to many times for a photo.....those eyes are too much.
After a few difficult moments of trying to get out without hurting herself, she was ready to jump for it.

Then when Daddy came home she told him that she helped with ALL the groceries.

Yep, that's my little helper.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sweet Gestures. Be warned, it's long.

There have been alot of them over the past couple months and I thought I better document how so many people in my life make my life so much sweeter.

For our 8th anniversary, I got double the specialness. Charles surprised me and took the whole day off, asked a friend of ours to pick up Natalie from preschool and we spent 5 hours together without children! We were able to reminisce about our wedding day here. Then, we enjoyed a walk through here, enjoyed lunch at Las Margaritas (Item B...cheese enchiladas, beans & rice........yummy!!!) and then went home and swam in the pool ALONE! All by ourselves....we couldn't get over our luck. It felt a little odd being able to swim across the pool with no one hanging on to your shoulders. Just the kind of day we needed.

Then a couple of days later, my Mom was generous enough to watch the kids for an evening out. Charles wouldn't tell me where we were going. So, I started snapping pics on our way through town.

Until we got to our destination....
Isn't it beautiful?

It started sprinkling and was raining...he promised we would go back some other time on a much clearer night. We went to dinner & I was just so touched by his thoughtfulness....he knows I want to catch a beautiful desert sunset, but we always seem to not have the was nice he took the time for me. #212 reasons why I love him!

While I was clearing out some cabinets, I found my beautiful Haviland cake plate from our wedding.
I saw this in a bridal magazine and just loved the cake and the plate. Do you believe I kept the page? My best friend, Christine, searched for the plate and she found out that in the photo, it was a dinner plate...not a traditional size cake plate.
Then the search was on and she spent an incredible amount of her money on the plate and shipping to make me happy on my wedding day. It was a total surprise to me and such a wonderfully sweet gesture.
I will always treasure the plate, as I do her.

During Lindsey's open house they had some artwork displayed on the wall.
It struck me of how sweet my 2nd grader really is. She drew her family with hearts surrounding all of us and it made me happy that she is so proud to be part of our family. We are just as proud that she is part of ours.

Charles came home from work with these and most definitely brightened my day with his sweetness.

Speaking of beautiful flowers and thoughtful surprises......

I found this box on my doorstep

And found these beauties inside...
My dear blogging friend, Cristina, sent these to me. Just because!!! It made my day and made me realize I am so lucky to have found such amazing friends blogging!

My grandmother bought these handmade placemats from one of her friends at church.
I will probably change the sunflower napkins out....but aren't they adorable? The silverware and the napkin gets tied in the the leaves... Talk about sweet. Thanks for thinking of me, Gram.

Many months ago, I was in a deserted island swap with Lori. Another special blogging friend I have made. We are even planning to meet sometime in the near future. Here is what Lori sent to me....
A fun beach bag with an S pendant on it....pedi items, lovely Vera Bradley stationary, Coastal Living magazine, an old movie address book, a small pillow that says it is Time to crafts for the kids, a sonic card and a bag of mm's. The girl knows how to spoil.

She also surprises me with "just because" good mail.
She made these awesome clothespins and was kind enough to sent some to me! I love em and think her generosity is amazing.

Fridays are 50 cent Fridays at the kid's elementary school. They give the kids an opportunity to raise money for the school, by purchasing treats after school. I gave Lindsey money to do what she wanted. Little did I know that they would include selling these.
You can only imagine the mess that ensued. Seriously, you sell these to kids who are going to eat them on the way home? Oh yeah, Michael's was blue. The bright blue that turns your tongue blue for days. My point though...that Lindsey treating her siblings to treats, made my heart happy.

The sight of this makes me smile EVERY time.
Reading to your little sister, a loving gesture.

Lori hosted a fall swap and I was partnered with Jill. You know Jill right? The Good Mail Queen? You know I was excited.
Do you love the pillows or what? The Happy Halloween blocks are already on display and I scored with new good mail/happy halloween labels! Thanks Jill.

My Mom stopped by to visit and made all of our days with
PUMPKIN PIE.....YUM! Also, she treated me to a new fruit bowl(you can see some of it in the photo). Thanks Mom, she knows my weakness....i love my pumpkin pie. That sure was a "sweet" gesture.