Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday, the new Monday.

While it is a cool picture, this has been what I have been dealing with all day. UGH! While chasing Natalie out of the bathroom, I notice something blue in the toilet(oh, no...not another toy that will cost us $200 to get out of the pipes). No, no toy. Just this.

A $32 bottle of this. Everywhere. Okay, I got it for free with a purchase, but still it's the point. Guess they thought the toilet need buffing?
On a happier note, Natalie is totally walking everywhere. If you ask her to bring something to you, she does. She is so aware of everything going on. She is now saying milk, yes, Mama?, WOW, YEAH, and ME!
Also, Lindsey has VBS all week. She is loving it. They are the secret agents of God. So fun. They are finally napping and Tyler is hovering(THAT drives me crazy) off to the laundry room I go.

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Cristina Mathers said...

a few weeks ago ellie comes into the office with white stuff all over her. i sniff it, but can't really tell what it is. so i go on a seach and see she had not only smeard it all over herself but has eaten about an oz of hope in jar ($35.00). when i took it away, she cries "mommy, more, peeeeaaase!"

why can't she do that with the 1.99 baby lotion?