Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A mid-week update.

With only 15 days until Christmas, it is starting to get a little crazy over here. I know, you all are probably feeling the same pressures.

Here's my list.

Get our Christmas tree & decorate it.

Go Christmas shopping... I have only bought a couple of items so far.

Wrap those items.

Get Christmas cards done.

Mail those Christmas cards.

Start our elf tradition(on the 12th)

Mail out of town items.

Decorate the outside of the house.

Grocery shop for Christmas dinner at our house.

Visit Santa.

Go to Zoo Lights.

Go to Winterhaven.

Make ANY type of Christmas cookies.

And I left out all the other fun stuff like laundry, etc. Is it possible to get all that done in time?

But, in an effort to see the positive, this is what we have completed so far.

The kids wrapped their gifts and made cards. Wonder who they are for?

We got out all of our decorations...and played with some of them. This was their Elmo/Cookie/Oscar Christmas sleigh they were playing with.Started moving furniture around to figure out where we wanted the tree. The kids didn't want to move the loveseat from in front of the tv. They said they were at the movies:)Found some wonderful reminders of when the kids were younger. This is Tyler's handprint wreath he made when he was 2. They were so little...sigh...time goes by.

We rec'd a fun good mail surprise in the mail. Jill, the Good Mail Queen, sent me a wonderful Christmas mix cd, along with a nice note. Thanks for the treat, Jill! I love all the music.

We took several cat naps in between. Is he cute or what?

Angels were about at our house! They did a good job, but this was about all they had the patience for. The parts were so tiny to glue.

A major highlight? Santa writing them all a letter! They couldn't believe better photos due to battery failure(really, I just forgot to charge it) Thanks Aunt Pat for making that
sweet memory happen.

Scavo stars and snowflakes....known as starflakes around here, were made. got to love the buttons!

How is your list coming along?


mysteryhistorymom said...

You know I love those buttons! Such Christmas festivities at your house, Sweetie! You have many things on your "To Do" list (I know how you feel) but you are doing the most important things right now- spending time with your family.:) Once again, I so wish we lived closer. You and I could be best friends, our kids could play together, we could make crafts and cookies, sigh... We could even have our own little book club and discuss books at Starbucks.:) I can dream- it's Christmas! Lori

Jill said...

I haven't made a list of things I should be doing, but with only 15 days left I really should get on that. It always comes together, so this year I'm not fretting.