Friday, December 26, 2008

A little holiday rewind.

Since my computer and blogger have not been cooperating for the past 4 days, here is a little bit of what was going on before Christmas Eve. Just a little taste.
With some fresh baked chocolate chippers and hot cocoa....

we decorated the tree.
That we got the night before at this tree lot. The kids sat on the back of an old pickup. I like for once that this photo shows Michael in a pout and Natalie trying to smile....AND you got to love the leopard jacket and kitty boots:)
AND are your ready for this? Tyler & Lindsey ASKED me to take these photos of them. I almost fell over.

the next morning candy canes were added...yum. {December 2006~~~~the girl loves candy canes!}

Michael & Natalie made blue chocolate stars....yeah that is a candy cane stuck to her shirt, what is the big deal? She is saving it for later. Oh and those stains....they are permanent(adds something to the shirt don't you think?)

Our little ham.

We attempted to make our very own handprint tree.

Speaking of is Lindsey waiting to perform at her holiday concert.Waiting with her friend Ryan to perform. She looks so calm and he looks well, a little nervous. Cute, cute.

I tried my best from the nose bleed section.....she is on the left in the back(the only time I wish she were a little shorter)

Please forgive the blurriness, I tried my best. She really got into it! Thankfully, my dad had his camcorder.

My uncle and my 2 cousins arrived in town on Friday, so we met up at Zoolights.
And I thought getting 4 kids in a photo was hard....6 was not working out:) 5 in one scene is pretty good!
Carly, my 8 yr old cousin....

When we should have been decorating, wrapping, etc....we did what anyone else would do. We got out our bounce house.

When they were all jumped out, they rested together with their pillows, blankets and bed buddies. It was pretty cute.

We finally got our lights up.
Our cookies were decorated...festive, no?
Freddy brought some very exciting treats.
A basket full of reindeer cake lollipops.........can you take the cuteness? Neither can I.
Along with 4 bags of reindeer chow to feed those reindeers. Don't tell the kids, but Janice is to thank for these(as if you didn't already know)


Melissa said...

What great photos! It's nice to see your family having so much fun. Are those actually cakes dipped in chocolate to make the reindeer heads? If so, they are adorable!

Jill said...

I feel like I'm always saying this, but I am so impressed with all the fun things you do with your kids. I am nowhere close to doing the things you do, it must be magical to be a kid at your house.