Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A birthday list for an amazing friend.

Janice. She is more than a friend, she is family. Here's my list in honor of her special day!

1. She has the most beautiful hair.

2. She is a jill of all trades.....seriously, she does electrical, name it!

3. She is a Girl Scout Leader.

4. Red is her favorite totally fits her personality!

5. She has never had canned jellied cranberry sauce...can you imagine?

6. Special Dark is her favorite chocolate treat.

7. She handmakes baby gifts. Knitting, sewing, embroidering such beautiful keepsakes.

8. She is definitely a movie buff.

9. Buttered popcorn is a must at the movies!

10. She is a wonderful much so, that now her son is quite the chef.

11. She made 2 beautiful children who are kind-hearted, smart, witty, and helpful.

12. Sweet pea & winter candy apple...a few of her favorites from Bath & Body Works.

13. Her handwriting is what I wish for!

14. She has gorgeous hazel eyes.

15. Clarks....sandals are her fave.

16. Her toes are always painted.

17. She is always on the hunt for the smallest purse...just to carry her license, cash, and her lipstick!

18. Her home is so cozy and inviting.

19. She has a dog named to love it.

20. She just celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary!

21. She makes the absolute BEST Snickerdoodles...really, she does.

22. She, along with her family, are involved in many different charities.

23. She doesn't mind my kids calling her Aunt Janice.

24. She is an awesome aunt to 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

25. She is a very neat and organized person.

26. She is our Martha Stewart.

27. She is a terrific listener.

28. She is an avid reader.

29. The cakes, the cupcakes.....they are too beautiful to eat. Once you do though, they are delicious!

30. She always has a smile on her face.

31. Her smile is contagious!

32. She was brought home in a Christmas stocking...cute right?

33. She has been one of the first to hold all my babies at the hospital.

34. Two words....Dairy Queen.

35. Has a serious collection of Lennox Christmas plates.

36. Has the same addiction to all things Williams-Sonoma as I do.

37. Shares a secret love for Mauricio with me. He is our hair stylist....fortunately, she goes to him more often. Which further confirms item #1!

38. She loves to shop...who doesn't?

39. more shoes. Need I say more?

40.She has a degree from U of A.

41. She is a native Tucsonan.

42. She needs to start a blog...

43. She is an amazing friend, sister, aunt, daughter, wife and mother.


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mysteryhistorymom said...

Happy Birthday, Janice! You sound like an amazing person and you certainly have an amazing friend!:) Lori