Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Craftiness, Kris, and cookies!

Is it starting to feel alot like Christmas to you? We are gradually getting into the swing of things at the Scavo house. Last night while we cooked dinner, the kids enjoyed making their own Christmas trees.

Their finished festive, don't you think?
We also "decorated" their rooms...which means we put the felt Christmas trees I found at the Dollar store on a shelf in their room. Who knows, maybe Santa will leave something small under their tree!

Then, we watched good ol' Kris was on abc, but is anyone else loving abcfamily & the 25 days of Christmas programs like we are?

And what good is watching a holiday movie with no holiday refreshments? No good comes of it at all! These generic Kroger butter cookies are pretty good and way cheaper!
We had a fun family bout you?


mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- This is what I want to do so badly with my family! I am failing miserably, though. Katie and I did make a gumdrop wreath last night and Jeff read them "It's a Wonderful Life for Kids". Maybe we are not doing TOO badly, although I wish I were more organized.... I am trying! Does that count? Lori

Jill said...

Those felt trees are so cute!

We haven't decorated for Christmas yet and it's bugging me! We've either had something every night and now Randy has a cold and isn't feeling well so I think it's got to wait until Saturday...drat!

I'm loving all the Christmas shows on tv and have been recording them like crazy.

michelle said...

I love Christmas shows!