Friday, April 13, 2007

So VERY happy it's Friday!

Happy might not be the right word. Ecstatic, overjoyed, and thrilled would better describe how I am feeling. Why the excitement? A weekend getaway? A fun event? No, my husband won't be working all weekend!!!! YAY! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. The kids have had some good days, but boy, they have had some really bad ones too. And you all know when they have bad days, Mom is sure to follow their lead. I am hoping this weekend will get me back on track.

Some tidbits from the past week

*Natalie not only said "Thank you, Da-da" to Charles, she has said "Diaper" too!
*Michael decided to flush a pair of Lindsey's favorite flower panties down the toilet...ugh, that kid has a strange fascination with the toilet. He won't use it, but he loves putting other stuff in it!
*We cut Michael's hair...........let's just say you won't be seeing any pictures of our handiwork for a couple of days. It was not our best work.
*Tyler had the AIMS test all week at school. The highlight for me was that he actually asked for reclarification on a question. This is so HUGE for Tyler. The resource teachers have been working on him for so long about asking question when you don't understand something. Such a great step. I am so proud of him!
*Tiffany's Handpainted Love boxes I found in my favorites. I believe that I found her by way of Cristin. She makes the cutest boxes and writes about such fun stuff.
*Can someone tell me why Grey's Anatomy is repeat after repeat? I am really missing it.

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