Friday, April 13, 2007

Good mail does such wonders!

I received a cute thank you card from Cristin. Don't you love the colors? I also received a sweet thank you card from Hannah on the day after she delivered a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations Hannah! I mean, that is dedication to mail out thank you cards the day before you are scheduled to have a baby.
Today, I received a fun, bright, happy towel embroidered by Cristin. Thank you so much for making my day so sunny!
To add to that super treat, The Harmon kids sent the kids a fun package. Lots and lots of books.
Some candy, markers, coloring books, and a princess stamp set.
And for Natalie an adorable, super-soft bunny! Talk about arriving at the right time. Thanks so much, Rachel. I was at my wits end with them today and your package really helped!

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Rachel said...

I'm glad they liked their books and stuff. I'm sorry it took me so long to mail it after I first told you I was sending it. Things get so crazy, and I always forget. Anyway, a couple of those books were some the kids had gotten from the Imagination Library thing that they already had. I have one more that I've been meaning to send to you guys for like the last three packages, and it kept disappearing. I looked all over the place for it this time, and finally gave up and mailed the package without it. The very next day, I opened a drawer in the kitchen, and there it was. Chris has a habit of putting things in random drawers, just to get them out of sight. :) Anyway, I'm glad they liked it. Did Michael like the book that came with the dvd?

Oh, yeah. I love all of the new pictures. Your kids are so cute! Natalie is just precious in the ones of her playing with the ball. They are all so cute. I hope some day we get to meet in person. :)

Well, gotta go. We have a stomach bug here, and I had it yesterday. That means that I didn't get anything at all done yesterday. I have GOT to work on my research paper. :)

This got really long. I should have just sent an email. :) Sorry.