Sunday, April 01, 2007


Okay, Blogger or my computer, or both, are not cooperating with me at all!
Natalie is such a sweetie. Here are a few highlights.
*Luckily, she recovered from her 1st ear infection....the girl loves amoxicillin!
*She got better just in time to FINALLY get her 1st bottom tooth. No one can see it though.
*She has mastered the game of throw something on the floor and watch Mommy pick it up. She has to say "uh-oh" each time.
*She pulled herself to a standing position while checking out her brother's new bed. Today, she let go! She'll be running soon enough.
*She loves to hand you a snack or toy and after you say "Thank you, baby", you have to give it back to her so, she can say "thank you" back! Can you believe she is actually saying thank you? She is definitely a genius. I am most sure of it!

*She really has such a great little laugh. She cracks up over the funniest things. I wish I could bottle that up!
*Sorry about the position of this would not budge. She still sleeps like this. So, cute.

but, this is even cuter. Lindsey ran to tell me that she was asleep like this. Notice her shot spot on her looks worse than it was(thankfully).
I am sure I am forgetting some other things, but I better hit publish before I lose this post AGAIN!


Cristina Mathers said...

oh my gosh! ellie falls asleep like this too! how funny.

and that game of "pick up" she love that too. i, on the hand, do not!

Kristi Brooke said...

that monogrammed pillowcase dress is adorable.

thanks so much for my INCREDIBLE mail.

i love it so much and can't wait to hang it.
i can't wait to show it off on my blog.

StacyD said...

That dress is SO much cuter on her than on then on the hanger in my hall :) I'm glad you like it!