Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter photos

As usual for me, these are all out of order. What a disappointing You would think I would have getting ready down to a science, but it seems we are always running late or where we need to be at the last possible moment. I had them all ready, looking pretty darn cute, but had to be at my Mom's by 12:30. So after we loaded all the dishes we were bringing into the car, we had no time for photos. I tried to take them as soon as we got to my Mom's, but the only one of all of them was looking at my mother-in-law instead of me. In spite of Lindsey taking her dress off after dinner, Michael wearing many different colored jello eggs all over his clothes, and not getting as many nice photos as I planned, it was a wonderful day spent with family. I don't know if you can see it clearly in this picture, but Lindsey has a habit of taking the sash that ties in the back of your dress and wrapping it around to the front. Every single time. Must be a new fashion trend!?!

Our little bunny just woke up.
Our other little bunny with those "just woke up" eyes.

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