Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yay! Blogger is working for me today~
What Michael has accomplished lately....

*Since Natalie is crawling around, Michael is not as tolerant of the attention she receives. He is so sweet and gentle one minute, but the second he sees her coming near me or a toy, he is there to intervene. It is quite tiring, but hopefully it will be a little "phase".

*His favorite meal is mac-n-cheese, even wants it for breakfast.

*Max and Ruby is his new favorite DVD. Speaking of Max and Ruby, I am frantically trying to find a chocolate chicken and a chocolate duck. Any ideas?

*He fell off their little tikes seesaw and hit the handle. How do you like those scars/bruises?

*Some of his favorite lines these days are "Hey, I have a great idea!", "Winsey, come and play", and "where is my three-horn?", he has a hard time with triceratops:) Of course, his most used line is "No". I hoping that is not his favorite!

*He just got a new bedroom set from Ikea. It is so cute and it really goes well with the Dr. Suess "look". He seems to like it so far....well what we have put together. We still have his dresser to do. I'll post a pic as soon as that is done.

*He has become quite a little helper lately. I went to put Natalie down for a nap and while I was gone, he managed to empty a shelf on the refrigerator door. He said he was making dinner, too cute.

*His smile brightens the room. I love this boy!

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Rachel said...

He's such a cutie! Those are some bruises! He looks kind of like Elijah did a couple months ago. Do you know Elijah still has a lump on his forehead from when he hurt it back in January!?! Anyway, I hope Michael's go away quickly. Love the expression on Natalie's face in that top picture. I've seen that same look on Owen's face when Elijah "hugs" him.
My kids have watched the Max and Ruby dvd you sent them about a bajillion times lately. It's helped me get a lot of schoolwork done!