Thursday, December 14, 2006


This one is not that clear, but it was Santa in one corner and the Grinch in another. They used red garland for the boxing ring and the sign above them read "The Main Event-Santa vs. Grinch" The funniest part was they were playing the Rocky theme song in the background.
Festival of Lights is a yearly tradition here. An entire neighborhood decorates their homes. Some a little and some alot. It is great fun. They have hayrides and nights were you are able to drive through. I think there are even nights were you can only walk through it. We ate dinner, took baths, got their pjs on and headed out. We ended up waiting for 45 minutes to get in. Just as we were entering, we look back and all 3 of them were ASLEEP! We could not wake any of them. We tried gently waking them, we tried shouting, we tried shaking them awake. Nothing worked. They were snoring!!! So, Tyler, Charles and I got to see the lights. They were really cool. We are going to try it again and walk through it. For info on the festival check out Here are a couple of pics.

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