Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tyler's winter concert

As you can see, the star of the evening wasn't photographed. He had to be at the high school auditorium about an hour before the show started. We rushed through dinner and tried to get him ready....anyway, in all the rush we didn't get his pic. Here are a couple of the kids that I took while I waited for Charles to come home from dropping Tyler off. See what I mean about pictures? They tried though and looked very nice for Tyler's show. Okay, can I tell you what an amazing job my son did? If I haven't already mentioned it, he got the part of the Genie in Aladdin, the 6th grade play. They just did one song from the play for the concert. He was up there with a wireless mic and a spotlight on him for most of the number. He sang that song "You never had a friend like me". Or is it just "Friend like me"? Either way, he sang that and were we impressed! It was such a weird experience for me. I was both proud and scared of/for him. I could never stand in front of an audience that large! Especially dancing and singing. We did get video of him. I cannot wait until May to see the whole play. There will be lots of photos then. I learned my lesson:)

Oh, the whole class did a great job also, I just had to brag about Tyler a little bit. It will be so fun to see.

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