Friday, December 22, 2006

Those generous Little Harmons.

The 3 Little Harmons, our blogging friends, sent a fun box of Christmas presents to us. Lindsey was so excited that Kyra sent her mail. We didn't wait until Christmas, sorry Rachel. I wanted them to enjoy what you all sent without all the other presents being around to distract. Elijah sent Michael his favorite thing, A Cars car and a Cars book. Also, he was really happy with the Kidsongs truck DVD and Superman DVD. He thought it all was so cool! Kyra sent Lindsey two cute Pet Shop kitties, whom she named Cutie and Kyra. She also is enjoying her Kidsongs animal DVD. The big hit was watching Natalie with her new stuffed Octopus. The cutest thing ever. She was squealing and snuggling with it. Here she is napping with her new favorite toy. Don't worry, I moved it away from her face.

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Rachel said...

Oh, how cute. I'm glad that they liked their gifts. All of the things you guys sent were a big hit on Christmas. Kyra absolutely loved the princess sticker book. They liked them all.

It looks like I've been missing your posts. I guess I needed to hit refresh or something, because I've been checking your blog but hadn't seen any updates until today. Obviously they are dated earlier, so I guess I was just missing out. Loved all of the new pictures!!!