Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two surprises.

As she was playing, Lindsey said "Look Mommy. I am the letter A." I was surprised that she thought that one up by herself!
Looky, looky what we got in the mail. A fun surprise from our good friends, The Hartys. They just recently moved to Oregon. I absolutely loved how they packaged it underneath pine branches/needles. It was so fragrant. It gave me such a cozy warm an old-fashioned Christmas. They included some wild blackberry jam that is made locally and lots of yummy chocolate treats for the kids. They also gave us this cool cutting board made of myrtlewood. On the tag it says that myrtlewood trees can use as much as 1 ton of water a day and that they are only found on the Southern Oregon coast and in the holy land. How did she know we needed a new one! Thank you, Hartys for such a wonderful surprise! Posted by Picasa

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Cristina Mathers said...

don't you just love good mail?!?!