Monday, December 11, 2006

It came!

Today, my Pink Christmas gift arrived! So exciting! I opened the envelope, but shouldn't have. It wasn't wrapped, but was inside a pretty pink satiny bag. When I opened the envelope, everything had shifted and had fallen out of the bag. Sorry I couldn't wait til the 25th Kristi! Thank you so much Diana! You know what the perfect gift would be for me......a chance to RELAX! I haven't had the opportunity to listen to the cd, but I can't wait. Thanks again for taking the time to send me such a fun surprise.

I can't help but wonder if my Pink Christmas friend is enjoying hers....I hope so!!!!


Cristina Mathers said...

you'll have to fill me in when you can on this! it sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like it. I realized right after I sent it that I should have wrapped it, I'm so sorry for that.