Monday, September 29, 2008

We said it for the last 2 weeks.

"Let's go in the pool guys because this will be the last time we can go in the pool for a long time." Last weekend and the one before it, we were sure the heatwave was over, but uh, no. It is so HOT here.95 degrees! It doesn't really seem right. It is officially fall, right?

Typical Calvin poses from Michael & Lindsey when I have the camera pointed at them.

Not here it isn't.

It was great to see some racing going on....nothing like an older sister swimming faster than you to get you motivated:)

Tyler joined us and let me take a picture.....I know, I know...I am still getting over the shock of it.

Unfortunately, our little princess was sleeping so she missed out on the pool action, but she woke up in time for the popsicle that always follows the pool. How is that for perfect timing? Do you often ask they ever wash her face? We do, I promise! It just seems the cutest pics are often the dirtiest...doesn't she look like she enjoyed her fudge pop? Her eyes mesmerize me.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I wish I was in that pool! It is starting to cool down where I sad!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- I am so sorry that the hot weather is hanging on! Just think about it this way, when we are freezing you will still be having comfortable temps.!:) Cute pics! Lori

Jill said...

It's so crazy that you guys are still swimming, since summer has been over for us for so long now.

Natalie's eyes are definitely mesmerizing.