Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good etsy mail, croquet and a movie.

I am finally posting about all the great etsy mail I have been receiving this past week. Okay, I ordered all of it, but it is still some great mail!

I ordered this from Creative Spring.

Thanks to my new bloggin friend, Lori, I found Susie Harris Designs. Do you love this tassel? I do!

Speaking of Lori, I ordered this from her shop, Too Silly Sisters. She sent this along with matching earrings. I really love them.
Another wonderful shop/blog I found was due to Lori. Artfulife. Do you love it or what? It is so sweet. Lindsey has already informed me that it is a picture of my 4 children. Thanks Summer, it is beautiful!

Saturday we enjoyed some croquet, Scavo style.

First, you need to make sure that you have not mowed your lawn in a week or 2.

Then give your small children REAL wooden croquet balls to use.

And wooden mallets....

Set up the arches(in our case, the giraffes) repeatedly because they hit the giraffes more than they hit the balls.

Oh, and you cannot to forget to do all of this barefoot.

Lastly, let your youngest sit at the finish...oh wait, you might not see her because the lawn is swallowing her.

Seriously though, they had a good time. I was surprised how well they behaved considering they were carrying dangerous weapons.

Also, on Saturday my Mom & I went to see Mamma was good. Lots of fun and now I can't get any of the songs out of my head. Thanks Mom!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- SO many fun purchases! I adore Susie and Summer- two fabulous ladies- (just like you and me!).:) Croquet looks like so much fun and I love your pictures! I want to see Mamma Mia but am waiting to see it with my Mom. She lives in Florida, so it may be awhile... Lori

Artfulife said...

Thank you, I am so glad you likes it so much. Sorry it took me a few extra days to send it your way. That is one thing I need to get better at if I am going to make it with my Etsy store. I forgot to send you your change for shipping. So look for that, well, in the the near future. As soon as I can get to that darn post office! LOL. Take care and hope you and your family are well.

Jill said...

It looks like you're finding all kinds of great things on Etsy. I hardly ever look at stores on there, I only list stuff on mine. I think I'm missing out. said...

That sign is really cute. There is one very similar in Pottery Barn for the Christmas season...

michelle said...

Etsy is so addictive, and like a black hole for me... I always like to see what other people find.