Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Giddy from all the good mail!

While cleaning out the kids bedrooms(oh, the things we found), I was pleasantly surprised with a good mail package from Lori!
She sent me a cool candy corn bracelet from her Too Silly Sisters Etsy shop, a nice note and a gift card for a pumpkin frap from Starbucks! She is so sweet and generous! I can't believe she sent this to me after she sent such a big package of fun a couple of weeks ago! Thank you so much, Lori! I promise your fall swap package is on its way! Oh, and look what I found and thought immediately of you
I can't wait to check it was closed when we found it. Really, thanks Lori for spoiling me!

So, as I was coming off my good mail high from Lori....I rec'd another good mail surprise from my friend, Cristina!

It was packed with all sort of goodies. B&W stationery, philosophy products, Kiehls shampoo & conditioner that she swears by, a beautiful book on our great state, and 2 of her favorite mascaras. I have been trying different new ones, but no luck....she was so nice to think of me! Cristina, you totally pampered me with your pamper package!!! You rock....really you do! Thanks again!

I couldn't believe 2 days of good mail...that doesn't ever happen to me.....what could be better than that?

Oh, I don't know, ANOTHER good mail package to add to all the wonderfulness I already got from my 2 blogging buddies!

Yeah, I know, 3 days in a really is setting a precedent.

Jill A.K.A. The Good Mail Queen sent me some cool note cards, some fun good mail labels, a super sweet note, and a wonderful Mellow Mix CD for me. I love all of it, Jill. It really brightened my day!

I don't know how you all knew I needed these pick-me-ups in the worst way, but boy, am I glad you did. Thank you so much.

*****don't mind the header...I am in the process of trying to figure it out...wish me luck:)


mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- You are so loved! I hope that one day you and I can meet in person. Better yet, I want to be your next door neighbor so we can chat about books, recipes, etc., and go shopping together! Enjoy all your goodies- you are so deserving, my dear friend.:-) Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

I love the mystery book store, too!! Please check it out and tell me what you think!:-) Lori

Jill said...

How wonderful to get good mail like that 3 days in a row! I hope the boost those deliveries gave you will carry you through any blah or rough days. You're loved!

Jill said...

P.S. I'm so happy to see Lori's good mail label on her envelope!

Artfulife said...

I like your new header. I am sending you your painting in the mail tomorrow morning. So hopefully next week will prove to be a good mail week also! Hope you are doing well.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm telling you what...That Lori is an amazing lady! I don't know the other women that you got mail from but they must be amazing too.
Heather you must be a great friend to have such great friends!
Take Care,

Kim Sue said...

nothing to make you feel good like some good mail :o) hope you have a great weekend.

Cristina Mathers said...

no, YOU rock! =)

glad you liked it! btw-you have to use makeup remover to get the maybelline mascara off. should have mentioned that.