Monday, September 22, 2008


Of Bulk pick-up...Twice a year the city comes by and does picks up branches, old furniture, appliances, just junk you don't want anymore. Which in turn makes you clean out your shed that is about to explode.

Rediscovering some of your old favorites...
Finding new seating for the living you believe that rocking chair was mine when I was little? The Mickey chair was Tyler's when he was about 3. I told you I hold on to everything.
Recycling Tyler's old toys....he was a Pooh FANATIC when he was 2. Had to include this photo for Cristina....see it must be genetic!

Of Michael having a play date with Grandma...Thanks Mom!

We now have "snake" decor in our kitchen. Michael made 6 of them with Gram, because he couldn't leave anyone out. So sweet.

Of having flip flops strewn all over the pool deck....

Then I can show you how big

grasshopper really was! Is that the largest one you have ever seen? It was for me...I think he could have worn that shoe.

Hope you see the silver lining in your Monday! Have a great day.


Jill said...

That's a seriously huge grasshopper. It looks like you asked him if you could take his picture and he said, "It would be my pleasure" and then he posed for you.

Cristin said...

Love the paper snakes...however, not a fan of the grasshopper! :)

Kim Sue said...

love purging of the shed, love the little wooden rocking chair, love those sweet curls, love playing with old toys, love the not love that mutant grasshopper. I pretty sure he can jump REALLY REALLY far and faster than I can run :o)

Cristina Mathers said...

omg! ask them if they will make a detour by my house! i need some stuff picked up!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Such cute little toesies! Can you really sit like that, Heather? Comfortably? Another of your many talents.:) Lori

Which book in the series has been your favorite so far? I can't stop thinking about Twilight.... That lady can write. I still have to read the newest Harlan Coben. I have had it for months! Do you want to read it when I'm done?? Or is "Hold Tight" the one that I sent you?