Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brought to you today, by the letter C.

C what we have been up to lately?
Caught! Impersonating a super-hero.

Curls, curls, more curls. Could I do this post without showcasing them?
Child accessories...the next big thing. Tractor tires...the new headband.
Crazy. Riding their new bikes as soon as Dad brought them home. No helmet, no shoes, no problems.
Culinary expert at work....okay, who am I kidding. I just made some stir-fry with fresh vegetables(I know, I didn't even use the frozen kind!).

Candy corn of the Brachs variety is finally on the shelves here. Yum is all I can say.
Car placement. How is this car hanging on the wall with no string, no hook, no nothing? I guess I should add Crayon to this one too....notice the beautiful artwork below the Lorax? I just did. Magic Eraser to the rescue!Can she see? That is the question. She went for her follow-up of the mysterious nodule on her eyeball and an eye test.
Curiously, her nodule has not changed with the steroid eye drops he gave her. He thinks it is benign(thinks!) and wants us to come in if we notice any changes. He gave her a eye test and found that she is 20/40 and has an astigmatism. Because he is conservative he recommended that we wait on glasses until she really needs them. When she needs them is up to us!!!???!!! Huh? I always thought that when you need them, you need them. I don't wear glasses, have always had 20/20 vision(I am sure that will be changing very soon though) so I don't know about all of this. What do you think?

Channeling Grandpa Ralph on her way into school.

Cat boots~~~I know, I know...who needs 2 pairs of rain boots in the desert? Natalie does, of course.
Close-up of the smallest cutie. Look at those eyes.
Cuddling family.....washed out photo courtesy of photographer not paying attention.
Chocolate chip cookies homemade by Lindsey & Michael. They were really good and by some miracle, we still have a couple left.
Chopping up Barbie's hair while everyone is sitting at the table waiting for you to start dinner. Lindsey was not happy. Cashing in on Aunt Candi's mucho generous Build-A-Bear workshop gift cards!

Choosing the perfect friend....who forever shall be called Petri.
Cleaning up their new friends.

Carrying the softest bunny ever...aka baby bunny.
Clothing fashion show for her new friend, Ella the elephant.

Challenge photo that I forgot to submit. Take-out photo has monthly specials that I like to participate in. Last month's was a photo within a photo. I think this is a great example of that. We were downtown and about to go under an overpass when I caught this. It is black and white photos of people downtown 50 years ago. It is made of all tile. So cool.
Chuck E. Cheese was our next stop after Build-a-Bear. The kids had a great time. I have to be honest there weren't many opportunities for eyes were in 4 different directions. Now, I remember why we only go once in awhile.

Charles my handsome husband, cooling off in the pool.
Cozying up to his water thermos???

Carrying on in the pool with Tyler and Lindsey....

And don't forget there was a lot of crying, cleaning, coloring, and creating going on too. Oh, did I mention Crying? Yeah, that too.

Oh how could I forget? Caillou pose, an every day occurrence around here!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- You are so fun! I loved all the pictures and how you tied them together with the letter "C"! "C" is for "cute" and "creative" , too! Lori

Cristina Mathers said...

great post! love the look into your life. and seriously!! nats curls are wonderful!

Jill said...

What a clever post! You documented everything so well and even managed to do your take-out photo assignment (I still haven't done mine) wow!

michelle said...

Oh my! The most adorable outfit in the Caillou pose! I love the tire tread headband, and the yummy-looking stir-fry as well.