Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happened upon

a stack of photos...thought I would share.

*I wish I had this dress for Natalie...so cute.

*I love the curtains and the toy car!

*You know you miss that color shag...you know you do.

All I have to say...he sure was a cutie.

Do you think any of our kids resemble us?
***I have alot to tell you all about, but this summer/back to school cold is really crampin' my style. Doesn't anyone know, I need...no I HAVE to blog?


Jill said...

Your kids definitely look like the two of you!! These pictures are like seeing vintage photos of them.

Rachel said...

That's so cool. That first picture looks like Michael, the third one looks like Lindsey, and the last one looks like Natalie. :)


mysteryhistorymom said...

I love old pictures and wish that I had more of them. My sister got all of them!:( She lives near them and visits all the time. These are such precious treasures that you have. I can definitely see some resemblances! Lori