Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, my forever friend.

Christine and I have been friends since, 18 years. More than half of our lives. We met in one of our classes and soon our mutual dislike for both our English & Accounting teachers brought us closer....remember Christine? Pizza Hut with Ladoff, Mrs. Marren with those %&*! rings she was always fidgeting with, Brian Becker, Andre Agassi, all the concerts(bye, gene getting his leg stuck on the bar), our cruise to the Bahamas...yeah staying up all night was a good idea:), Grad night that was supposed to be fun...but ended up being difficult for both of us, Long John Silvers and our hush puppy game, Carvel, and so much more. I have tons of pictures of us and I am so upset that I can not find them right now.... Christine always had the nicest clothes, the best hair, the best car(hello, white camaro), and the best personality. Wait, she still does have great taste in clothes, her hair is different every time you see her, she is driving a huge loaded pickup, and is still is the kindest person I know.

She was there on our wedding day, standing right beside me. She has always been so supportive of every choice I have made in my life. She may not agree with me, but she stands by me. She flew 3000 miles to give me a bridal shower and help with wedding preparations. Two trips within 4 months, that's loyalty. And I would do it for her, in a second!

I love you sure has been fun! Happy Birthday!


Mique said...

Just LOVE my bf from high school like that. It's so nice to have someone who has known you so long and just gets you. Who knew you before you were the mommy with the crazy kids and chaotic life. Nothing quite like an old friend (but glad to have new ones too :)
Happy Birthday Christine!

Jill said...

I'm still very close with my best friend from high school too, there's nothing like that relationship is there? Christine sounds like a great, great friend.

Anonymous said...